Write Beautiful Proposals Quickly: A Red Lemon Review of Nusii

A few months ago, a friend of mine and creative freelancing coach Jake Jorgovan connected me to Nathan Powell, a welsh designer and entrepreneur based in Madrid.

Jake had plenty of praise for Nathan’s proposal-building software with a seemingly irrelevant but unique name: Nusii.


We had a talk on a video skype call a few weeks ago and clicked. Nathan is a laid back fellow and I always enjoy meeting people who are working hard on interesting, well designed and useful projects.

We both agreed that a large chunk of my Red Lemon Club readers would be people who regularly create proposals for clients.

For those new to the idea of proposals, this is the document sent to a prospective client explaining your plan for the project, and is an important part of the process of winning new work.

I said I would take a look at Nusii and give it a review here, so that you’d know what to expect with it, and potentially invest in it and use it within your own businesses.

It’s taken a while to getting to write this (thanks Nathan for your patience!), but for anyone who writes, or is considering to write proposals for your clients, Nusii could be one of the best options out there.

I must be completely honest in that, as an illustrator, I’ve only rarely needed to write proposals in the past.

Having tried it out with Nusii, I’ve now seen how useful they can be for being in the best position for winning – and communicating with – clients properly.


Sending a beautifully designed proposal can take out a lot the confusion that can arise in communicating with potential clients, and it looks so much more professional than just sending over a string of jumbled emails.

So what’s Nusii like?

There is no doubt that the platform is well designed, and aesthetically it works. I found the navigation and general user experience to be very good, despite a couple of awkward bits like the inability to use a colour wheel for changing colours. Nathan says that this feature will be built in to the next update along with a few other upgrades.

Creating a proposal from start to finish literally takes minutes. It’s easy and very quick and Nusii’s focus on an uncluttered, simple interface supports this.


I really like the flexibility of the system, with the ability to make use of pre-built templates, personal branding, your own custom domain to host the proposal, and ‘sections’.

‘Sections’ are great because it means you don’t have to start from scratch each time you write a new proposal. You can drag and drop pre-written sections to fit where they need to go. Having this ability makes a big difference.

At the end of it you get a pdf or a link sent straight to your client, and you will be notified when they read it, which I thought was a nice feature, so that you know when to follow up.

If you want to create beautiful proposals for your next potential clients, look professional, credible and ultimately win more business, try out Nusii today* for a free trial or see a sample proposal.


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