1. I want to pin this, but can’t because they’re all separate pieces. Was that intentional? Or just for load time?

  2. Brilliant Post! Can i be cheeky and ask, who designed the Illustrations or where you got them from? I’m after illustrations creating just like this. PM me an address please

  3. I think you also have to have utter confidence in what you are putting out into the world. It’s not enough to have confidence in yourself. There are so many moving parts to making it all work. Absolutely love your graphics!

    • Thank you Jen, though I don’t think you need 100% confidence in what you put out, because then you never would! Just make sure you are prepared as was talked about, before you bring your work to the world. 🙂

  4. This post is great!! If I may say so, I had a hard time finding how to share it on Facebook. I would recommend bigger buttons to share on top or directly at the bottom of the post, and maybe it would look great on Pinterest! 🙂

  5. Great post, really enjoyed it 🙂 well, it’s a journey the key great work, consistency and persistence to succeed!

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