How to Build a Value Network Members' Area

Let Alex guide you from start to finish to land your dream clients.

Spreadsheet Template

Value Network:

Click here for the '150 List' template, a shared Google Sheets document that you can copy for your own use. You can make the network as small as you like, but I don't encourage you to go larger than 150. We keep it limited to stay focused on a selection of great people for your business.

Remember that this list will evolve over time, and you need to think hard about who to include, and who to eventually take out. Start by filling it up with everyone you know. You can replace people with ideal clients over time.


Bonus PDF

Click here to download the pdf: 40 Creative Ways to Connect with Valuable People

Class Introduction

Resistance Point #1 - Networking is Overwhelming

Resistance Point #2 - Finding People is Confusing

Resistance Point #3 - Getting a Response is Hard

Resistance Point #4 - I Don't Have the Time or Enthusiasm

Resistance Point #5 - No One Seems to Be Hiring

Resistance Point #6 - I Don't Want to Come Across as Pushy

Resistance Point #7 - I Don't Know How to Land a Job or Sale

Resistance Point #8 - How Do I Make the Most of Past Clients?

Resistance Point #9 - I Only Seem to Attract Mediocre Clients

Bonus Video #1 - Your Value Network List, in Detail - Part 1

Bonus Video #1 - Your Value Network List, in Detail - Part 2

Bonus Video #2 - Finding Contacts Sample - Part 1

Bonus Video #2 - Finding Contacts Sample - Part 2

Bonus Video #3 - Being Unreasonable for Bigger Rewards


Welcome to the “How to Increase Your Clients and Opportunities Through Value Network-Building” online class.  Here you will find all the videos to view, as well as the template for creating your limited list of contacts.

If you have any questions, email me at and I will respond usually within a day.

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