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Alex will show you the misconceptions and how to take your business to the next level.

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.Click here to download the pdf: 'Ten Tiny Delusions: The Lies that Stop You Winning Dream Client Projects, and What to Do About It.'

Class Introduction

Delusion #1 - Anyone is an Ideal Prospect

Delusion #2 - More Skills Means More Opportunity

Delusion #3 - Self Promotion is Desperate

Delusion #4 - You Need a Large Audience

Delusion #5 - You Should Be Modest

Delusion #6 - Honesty is Weakness

Delusion #7 - The Prospect Cares About Your Work

Delusion #8 - Networking is a Chore

Delusion #9 - A Great Service is All You Need

Delusion #10 - Only Dweebs Have a Marketing Plan


Welcome to the “Ten Tiny Delusions” online course.  Here you will find all the videos to view, as well as the pdf write up of the course for your reference.

If you have any questions, email me at alex@redlemonclub.com and I will respond usually within a day.

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