Three ways you are needlessly pushing great clients away from your business

Whether we actively pursue clients we want for our small businesses or not, there are instances when we may be repelling the people who could otherwise have worked very well with us.

Often we are completely unaware of this negative dynamic. Quite simply, it is a shame if we are, because many of these actions are avoidable.

Here are three ways many of us are pushing prospects and clients away:

1. There is no understanding of your prospects

There is an almost endless supply of benefits to your business that comes with understanding your clients, fans, customers and followers in greater depth. This goes beyond simply identifying who they are specifically.

When you understand them, you know what their problems, needs and desires are. When you know this, you know how to help them and you know how to forge positive connections with them.

Do the research, know your clients. When you don’t, why should they stick around?

2. Messy product

“The main goal is not to complicate the already difficult life of the consumer.” —Ray Loewy

If you want paying clients, you need a product that is an obvious solution to their problems.

This means having a honed, clear product. Don’t confuse your potential buyers by mixing up styles, doing a range of things, being a jack of all trades, and having a wishy-washy service that tries to do too much.

Make your product a no-brainer for fewer prospects. Clarity and simplicity is of the essence here. Having clarity about something is what leads to decisions being made.

If your potential clients do not see you as an obvious solution to their problems, you have a problem.

3. You fit right in

“There is no such thing as a commodity. It is simply a product waiting to be differentiated.”  —Philip Kotler

You might have a quality product and you might even offer value to a clearly targeted prospect or client. But if you don’t stand out enough from your competition, what’s stopping your potential client from choosing to work with them over you?

This is where differentiation comes into play. You need to be sufficiently different to your competition to get noticed, and prompt prospects to making the decision to go with you.

Be better at something more refined than ok at something more broad.



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