The Promotional Power of Little By Little

When it comes to a strategy for promoting yourself and your work, we often either don’t have one or find it difficult to stick to it over time owing to its complexity. One of the best and most basic approaches in reaching out to people, whether they be new prospects or old clients, is by being the tortoise and not the hare.

By this I mean that the gradual and more long-term approach will beat the rapid-action, ‘all at once’ approach many of us take to try and hurry things along. It’s better to send out 5 personalised and appropriate promotional emails every weekday than sending out 200 non-personal emails each month.

Instead of doing some self promotion once a month, do something small daily and stay consistent. You’ll find it’s easier to stick with doing small steps over the long-run than having to remind yourself to occasionally bulk email, for example.

This business is about gradually developing relationships with people, whether you like it or not. Being impersonal and occasional in your marketing effort will mean you lose out in two ways:

1) People will not respond to advertising from you or anyone that is impersonal or looks like you put little effort into it.

2) You lose out on gaining constant exposure, because you’re putting in more less frequently, rather than less, more frequently.

So, as you commit to promoting yourself and your brand, I recommend you apply the little by little approach in attracting prospects and keeping in touch with people already in your network.

Promotion of some kind should really be something you are doing everyday.

Good luck!


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