The Human Side to Online Self Promotion

There is no doubt that the internet has developed into an extremely useful tool for the purpose of self-promotion. Particularly with the introduction of social networking, the potential to engage with a range of people in similar industries to yours, not to mention to connect with new clients, has improved the effectiveness of many self-marketing strategies.

In response to this, more and more of us are making use of the web’s resources to win clients, making the internet a very crowded and competitive place. The advantage of securing work that once came with proximity to clients, is being lost to the global nature of the internet.

The winning element in successful online self promotion amongst all this is the human element of your brand, as you go about broadcasting it across the web.

By this, I mean giving others a chance to get familiar with who you are in the way you express yourself and reveal your positive human qualities. Keep in mind that you should work to highlight the positive elements of your personality, but there is no harm in revealing some of your flaws, if they don’t directly harm your ability to develop.

Obviously your talent, unique work and various skills will be the driving force behind a great deal of your success, but when it comes to promoting yourself on the net amongst all the rest and making a powerful connection with people, it is your human qualities that will make a big difference. If you can provide a potential client with a window to who you are as a human being, and not just an invisible entity behind a computer screen, you are a lot closer to sealing the deal.

The flip-side to having a crowded and competitive marketplace on the web, is that the internet has opened up many means to express this human element of your brand.

Here are some ways to do so, that will work to your favour in appealing to clients, prospects, colleagues and fans:

Social Networking

Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more to show a little of who you are. Don’t be afraid to make new friends and invite others to your networks. Use tweets and status updates to express yourself and interact with people. Be careful however with revealing too much information, and hold back from sharing things you wouldn’t want colleagues or potential clients to see. You need to accept the internet’s transparency, and reputations can be lost in an instant, so keep things you wouldn’t want people to see off the web.


Starting a blog or contributing to someone else’s is an excellent way to share your passions and interests and opinions. Dedication to a particular topic by writing regularly for a blog really demonstrates commitment and passion. Contributing to blog discussions through blog comments on yours and other blogs is a means to build rapport with other readers and establish yourself as a personality within the community.


Join in the discussions taking place on online forums, especially as these are places where prospects look to hire new people. The more of a human presence you build on certain forums or message boards, the more support you will receive, not to mention increased exposure.

Video and podcast sharing

Getting your face on a video or speaking regularly for a podcast series that can be shared online is an extremely effective way of delivering some personality to an audience.

Article Writing

Not only is contributing articles to various sites a great means to drive traffic to your work, it can be a handy way of sharing your opinion, your personality and your expertise with targeted readers.

So, give a thought to transmitting your human side as you go about promoting your brand on the internet.

Positive human self-expression will get you noticed and remembered.

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  1. I have just started the social media adventure and finding it very interesting and glad I found your site too! I was wondering how much personality / personal stuff do do withing reason so THANK YOU for answering my thought

  2. helo i am having thesis with regards to profiling media practitioners and its effectiveness in journalism….
    i just want to know ahmmm can you give me suggestions about human side stories of broadcasting and in print????

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