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Would you like to earn an extra income stream selling quality products and courses from Red Lemon Club?

You can now earn money off every sale you help generate of Red Lemon Club’s products.

This means that by simply sharing a link that includes your affiliate id inside the link, you can earn 50% of a payment when someone makes the sale through our own sales page.

All you need to do is create an account at, grab your personal Clickbank id, drop it into one of the links below (delete ‘xxaffidxx’ and replace with your own id), and share the link.

“Alex is one of the few illustrators that I truly respect. He’s in this game for the long term, and his attitudes and work ethic reflect this. Alex’s advice is always sound, and he teaches an effective, ethical and fun approach to getting the results illustrators are after.”

Tom Ross, Design Cuts Founder

(See more testimonials on the sales pages below)

Below are the links currently available on our products, as well as extra resources like images, and ideas on how to generate more sales.

All our products have seen tens of thousands in sales to date, with many happy customers. As of writing, we have not had a single refund request out of hundreds of sales.

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Product: How to Get Illustration Clients

About: Member’s access to a pdf and audio full course on how to land illustration clients.

Earning per sale: ~$8.25

Reseller link:

Image source for cover, click here. (images may need resizing according to your requirements)

Product: The Indispensable Illustrator

About: Member’s access to pdf and audio full course on how to be a high value illustrator.

Earning per sale: ~$8.25

Reseller link:

Image source, click here.

Product: How to Win Creative Clients

About: Member’s access to pdf and audio full course on how to attract and win creative clients in general (an alternative, though similar to the ‘How to Get Illustration Clients’ course aimed at creative businesses in general).

Earning per sale: ~$8.25

Reseller link:

Image source, click here.

More products at higher price points are coming, so stay posted via the newsletter.

Ideas on how to promote your link, and start earning:

  • Share on social media, though remember to give audience plenty of value and develop trust before sharing, and keep sharing to a level that doesn’t flood someone’s feed.
  • Share to your newsletter subscribers
  • Mention in an audio podcast or video on YouTube, and include in written description
  • Share in your blog, site sidebar
  • Write a post or review on your blog or website and link to the course.

Contact Alex, here for any questions, and he would be happy to help.