1. Thanks for the creative boost. The other day I was thinking how awesome my job is. I get to draw all day while having a mini dance party in my studio.

  2. The link on the homepage is linking to the ‘How to be a time pro’ article, I had to get here by clicking on ‘comments’. Just FYI! Yet to read the article

  3. Loved reading this – especially – “you have the potential to change the world”. As I’m currently reading The Design Activist’s Handbook – further aligning me with my ultimate design focus and purpose, your read was a motivator to continue on this chosen path 🙂 thank-you!

      • Thanks. it is not a real name, however theres a story and a connection with a real one behind it.

        The above post is uplifting. I think there is a load of emotions of all sort behind what we creatives do. It is not only a technical stuff, a creative bit, but moreover there are emotions we need to manage doing our work. This is what as a start-up I struggle the most!

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