How to Promote Your Creative Business? Here’s What I Do…

In this episode, Alex answers a reader question on promoting one’s creative business.

He introduces his ‘tripod of awareness’ idea that provides the backbone of the marketing strategies he advises for his clients, and uses himself.

Also discusses other self-promotion avenues that have worked for Alex and others, as well as cool and interesting new ways of promoting yourself in the modern world without losing your head.

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Podcast Show Notes:

    • [01:44] – Alex shares why he chose this broad topic / idea


    • [02:08] – Introducing the ‘Umbrella Strategy’ and the ‘Tripod of Awareness’.
        • Comprises of the three legs of what it takes to make a great marketing set up which are namely: being a creative maniac, building up a newsletter and one-to-one network.
        • Discussion of the benefits of the three legs of the Tripod of Awareness.


    • [08:58] – Alex talks about an eBook he wrote several years ago that serves as lead magnet for his email list.


    • [09:49] – Why you need to get an email list or newsletter?
        • Because it has value and this is something that you can own forever.
        • It tends to be more intimate/personal as to how you are connected to your readers.


    • [11:21] – What is one-to-one connection and how does it benefit your creative business?
        • A very time-consuming method of marketing but leads to huge opportunities and success.
        • Develop a contact list of people that you consider valuable in your life and business, at least 100 people, and keep constant communication.


    • [18:47] – Alex shares with us some of the marketing channels and promotional strategies he personally used and how those strategies went overtime.
        • Building a newsletter
        • Writing an ebook / book
        • Setting up a blog
        • Building an online portfolio
        • Engaging in social media
        • Sending proposals to job boards


    • [32:59] – People usually get carried away with using lots of tools, marketing channels and promotional strategies. In this part, Alex discloses the Top Promotional Method he is currently using.
        • Medium
        • Instagram
        • Writing and selling books
        • One-to-one network building


    • [35:12] – Alex’s parting piece – mentioned a ‘paid list’ where you can buy lists depending on the type of clients you are targeting.


  • [37:30] – Other promotional ideas that interest Alex
      • Try your very best to use all the energy you have to get some flow of content through as many channels as you can because you may never know what extra eyeballs you might be attracting on certain platforms that you didn’t even expect.
      • ‘Book of Lift’ – a productivity planner


  • [45:08] – Subscribe to Alex’s newsletter at Red Lemon Club


  1. Very helpful, not too fast at all. A good review of all I’ve been reading elsewhere, attempting to implement, and nicely summed up with the tripod concept: easy to visualize & focus on that.

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