One thing you are not doing on Twitter every day that will change your life

I’ve been playing with Twitter for about five years (perhaps I should open the curtains now). I love it for its massive value as a tool for freelancers and biz owners.

The one thing I love the most about it isn’t the ability to see instant trending news of celebrity meltdowns, or knowing what your friend Jemima had for lunch today (#delicious), though that can be fun.

What I do love about it is the fact that Twitter gives us a direct line of communication with literally millions of people, in a range of professions, with a wide range of interests.

You can quite easily find someone, and write them a 140 character line and get a response from them within hours.

Sure, there’s email, but with Twitter and the communication structure that it comprises, you simply sidetrack a lot of the ‘seriousness’, long-windedness, and ‘obligatory need to reply’ (and ultimate stress/guilt) deal that characterises emails.

Coupled with your ability to ‘dip’ into conversations on Twitter (a great way to get on someone’s radar), Twitter is a huge, often massively underestimated tool for creating new contacts and relationships in your career and life.

The people that you have access to include those who, at this very moment, possess a lot of value for you. I’m not saying that lightly. But you need to do some work to find out where that value lies, and with whom.

All you need to do is take a little bit of time to find who it is that would benefit from knowing about you, your skills and your products. Then engage in conversation with them online.

How about one new person every day, or each week to start?

And that’s it. That one person you reach out to could bring gold to your doorstep tomorrow. One tweet. One conversation. Then close the computer.



  1. Thanks again for another great article. I was wondering how you go about finding someone on Twitter? Say you just have an art directors name but when you look up that name you get either a zillion results or none. Thanks again.

    • Sure! You could do a Google search and find them through deduction. You can find most professionals these days on LinkedIn, where you can contact them through there (click their contact info), or find their Twitter profiles on there. Also, there are many resources that list Twitter profiles, including those of influencers and high profile people on places like and Good luck

  2. I’m a food blogger and I’ve been dragging my feet about using twitter, even though I joined two years ago. I finally decided to dive in 8 or 9 days ago and I absolutely love it. Twitter is so much fun. And I love having direct access to anyone I want. Thanks for the suggestions to interact with a new person every day.

  3. Hi Alex, thanks for the article 🙂
    Would you post a few screen shots of what a tweet should look like, where it gets posted to find new people, hash tags?, etc.
    Also, is it possible to change my Twitter name without losing all my history, followers, and following?

    • hello – a tweet can be in any way you like. I’m talking about using Twitter as a communication tool to the people you choose. Any kind of value you bring to them and the conversation is good. You would have to search online or ask Twitter for your answer!


  4. I love Twitter. It’s like a cocktail party sometimes, when I can eavesdrop what everyone is talking about, and I’m free to introduce myself or move on to the next interesting set of people.

  5. Hi Alex – if you have someone you want to approach and you have the option of Twitter and an email. Would the email option be a better first choice? I was going to email but after reading your great post I am undecided as to which is the better option …

    • Hi Nicky,

      Twitter is great for building initial rapport (join conversations, share value, be amusing etc) before approaching someone through Email. The warmer your email approach, the better. Hope that helps.

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