On the rewards of making others look good

If you forget all else about how to land clients and build solid relationships with people of all kinds, being aware of this one thing will get you very far indeed.

Every interaction you make with people from this point on should be to make them look good, important and/or add to their success – or at least help them do so. This applies to businesses and companies, as well as individuals.

It’s human nature to feel great when someone is made to look good by others. People will feel the need to reciprocate when others add to their own success. This is where you will be rewarded in life with strong connections, friendships, support and jobs.

If you’re wondering what to say when approaching a new prospect, think about how you can add to their success in some way or at least show an interest in doing so.

The Google job I landed came as a result of me spending months making their company look good through the Google+ course I designed, as well as positively engaging with their employees.

It should become your mission to make others look good and add to their success at every opportunity, especially those people you want to bring into your network.

It’s not manipulative, it’s simply pointless to not do it any other way. You help others, they will often help you, even if it takes some time.

Taking this attitude to the people who stand to benefit from your value will lead to huge rewards in life.


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