Here’s How to Greatly Add Value to Your Illustration Business, Stand Out, and Become a ‘MUST’ for clients, Through 7 Key Steps

Alex Mathers reveals what he knows to be an in-demand illustrator

by making several small but vital adjustments.

Hello fellow illustrator,

The rules of what it takes to be a successful illustrator have changed dramatically.

There is a huge amount of illustration talent emerging in the world every day, providing your buyers with endless options, boosted through the greater connectedness of the Internet.

Having been through many hardships in my own illustration career, and speaking to many illustrators on a regular basis, I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re not making the impression you deserve, on potential clients and customers.

A common issue I see amongst other illustrators I talk to and coach, is not attracting and holding the attention of potential clients for long enough, mainly due to the heavy competition out there.

The fact is, in order to get noticed, you need to be delivering added value and you need to be making more of an impression on the people that matter.

The good thing is, this can only require some tweaks to how you present yourself to the world.

...Introducing ‘The Indispensable Illustrator

"He found something that he wanted, had always wanted and always would want - not to be admired, as he had feared; not to be loved, as he had made himself believe; but to be necessary to people, to be indispensable."


- F. Scott Fitzgerald

This is a guide that will make you a better, more valuable illustrator in all areas.

What I will show you is based on my nine years developing my skills as an illustrator. I did not go to a creative college, nor did I take any formal classes in marketing or selling.

I taught myself how to develop a strong illustration style, increase my value in all areas, and get seen. My real world experiences, working with the crappiest clients, right up to the best, was my school.

It took me seven years from knowing zilch and having no portfolio to being hired by Google in Mountain View as an illustrator on contract in 2012.

Illustration for Google by Alex, 2012

What do I mean by becoming a ‘better’ illustrator?

A better illustrator will be more valuable, stand out more, and be able to command higher fees while having more options.

Being an illustrator who accrues great value, becomes the very best option for a select group of people, rather than a mediocre solution to many or no one at all.

When you get to be the best option, you become indispensable and choices begin to open up for you.

As someone who has built a fruitful career from the craft over the last nine years, having spoken with hundreds of other illustrators, and worked as a one-to-one consultant to many more, I have the real-world knowledge on what works to get you there.

Working as an illustrator and online entrepreneur, I’ve experimented with a huge range of methods and approaches for improving my value, gaining more attention, and making more of an impact.

I’ve taken what has worked for me, dropped what hasn’t, and emulated the actions of not only the world’s best illustrators, but the world’s greatest performers, creatives and entrepreneurs.

I’m excited to share with you what I know.

“Alex not only has an abundance of lovely illustrations and styles that really hit the mark with inspired thinking at heart...he also has a wealth of knowledge regarding promotion and running the business side for any independent wanting to challenge convention.

Not only are his courses and consultancy interesting and thought provoking. Importantly, they work. A true wise worded supporter in your corner when you need it most. I highly recommend his guide.”

Justin Robert Price
Illustrator, Designer

So, how can this guide help you specifically?

Alex guides you through the seven vital areas that you can tweak to ensure your value increases substantially.

The seven areas which will be discussed in depth in the guide are…

  • Sorting out your mental approach for mastery and confidence: ‘Mindset’
  • Honing and fine-tuning your illustration work to be the best it can be: ‘Product’
  • Aligning yourself with your ideal customers and clients: ‘Audience’
  • Showcasing yourself as effectively as you can for amplifying value: ‘Presentation’
  • Being above average in your service, to make a bigger impact: ‘Being a Pro Plus’
  • Making your ‘brand’ more human to make a better emotional connection: ‘Depth of Character’
  • Becoming more believable and therefore more likely to close deals: ‘Credibility’

…And becoming indispensable to your dream clients and your followers, as a result.

'Azure Explosions' - work by Alex for the United Nations Environmental Programme

At the end of the guide, you will have the knowledge you need, from both Alex and the current wisdom of several active illustration agents to upgrade your business and brand, and start attracting the clients and customers you want.

This guide is tailored specifically for illustrators and graphic artists, so you don't have to worry that certain 'methods' don't apply to you.

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Some of the clients Alex has worked with above.

The Power of Guiding Prospects

One area that we talk about in the guide is ‘Prospect Guiding’.

Whenever the opportunity arises, for example on the about page of your personal site, you need to be actively encouraging users to take action.

The more you can hold their hand and guide them through the process of making a decision on working with you, or at least connecting with you, the better.

A good website is one that guides the user from start to finish, with your demonstration of competence and credibility, all the way to a call to action.

The guide shows you how, in detail.

"Alex steers you in a direction that means you have to sit down and think really hard about your business and the direction you want it to go in. I learned so much along the way.

I took Alex's advice and made the necessary changes to my portfolio and website. Since then, I have clinched three new clients and I'm confident that's just the beginning. Pretty impressive after only one weeks's consultation!”

Jodie McGuinness
Founder and designer: 'SomeThinkVisual'
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What Exactly Will You Receive from Buying the Course?

  • Total clarity on what you need to do to quickly amplify your value to prospects as an illustrator
  • Knowing what to tweak, so that your potential clients’ are magnetised to you
  • Knowing how to be in alignment with the clients you dream to work with, so that their decision to work with you becomes easy
  • A range of insights from several of the world’s top illustrator agents, from the Bright Agency, to the Central Illustration Agency, and Napa agency
  • A full 200 page course ebook with useful resources for illustrators
  • Full audio of the guide, read by the author


About the author:

A self-taught illustrator, Alex has spent the last nine years working with the best and the worst clients from locations around the world. He's currently based in London, UK.

He’s been through great highs, and huge lows. He’s been burned, lost money, and wasted a lot of time on poor projects.

He now works with clients from Google, the BBC, Sony, ITV, and Saatchi & Saatchi.

Tom Redfern Tom Redfern, Illustrator, former client of Alex

"I have learnt so much from Alex. Above all else, he has taught me the importance of being focused and organised in my business marketing strategy so that I can truly start to see the results that I desire.

Once you start to really implement Alex's strategies you WILL see results.

I now feel that I have the confidence to really move my business forward in 2015 and that is all down to Alex’s insights and deep knowledge of the modern and fast moving industry that we find ourselves working in."

Sam Octigan Sam Octigan, Illustrator and Fine Artist, former client

"Alex has provided some of the most valuable and constructive help and advice I’ve received in my career to date.

The biggest and most practical benefit for myself was to figuring out how to build a simple client management system, based on Alex’s method’s and then how to put that system into practice.

Through working with Alex and implementing his ideas, I’ve grown my client list, but more importantly have a much better structure to work towards growing all aspects of what I do."

Who Exactly is ‘The Indispensable Illustrator’ for?

  • Freelance Illustrators

    You are just starting out, or you work for yourself, perhaps on the side, and win some client work here and there. Anyone with an interest in starting an illustration career, selling illustration prints and products, or is relatively far into their career is perfectly suited to the course.

  • Creative Freelancers

    People other than illustrators, like graphic designers, writers and fine artists who are looking for clients, or to be commissioned for work, will also benefit hugely from this, even though some of the examples are more tailored to illustrators.

  • Coaches and Consultants

    If you run a business providing, coaching, consulting or services of any kind, this course will really help you take your client attraction to the next level and help your own clients.

Who Will NOT Benefit from the Course?

  • Those without a commitment to standing out as an illustrator

    This course is for people who are motivated by the idea of standing out in their corner of the market, rather than simply doing enough to do ok.

    You need to be self-driven, at least to an extent, with a healthy interest in taking action for taking your career to the next level.

  • People Who Don't Believe in Themselves

    In order for you to see positive improvements in your business, you must have a certain level of faith in your own abilities, and actively take action on the ideas inside the course.
    This takes a certain amount of dedication to your craft, and those who don’t take consistent action, will not benefit from the course.

A Promise to You from Alex

I've built a thriving and lucrative illustration business, and gained a huge amount of insight into successfully attracting great on-going projects with quality clients.

I know that what I've learnt and put together here will transform your illustration career.

If you aren't entirely happy after two months of working on what you've learned, I will personally refund you the full price of the course.

That is a promise.

"I’m constantly reading and listening to advice about how to advance my illustration career. I can honestly say Alex’s ideas are absolutely the most helpful, concise and truthfully written I've come across."

Ashley Lucas, Illustrator

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Think about this as a long term investment in you.

If you were to win just one additional client on using this course, let's say they paid you $950, would paying $47 $19 to be magnetic to such a client, be worth it to you?

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