5 Steps to Attracting Your Ideal Clients by Fine-Tuning Your Target Market Full Course

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Video 1

Introduction to course and winnging clients [2.40 min]

  • What this course is about
  • Why a target market group is important

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Video 2

Pre-prep: where you currently stand [3.45 min]

  • What do you want and why?
  • What are your assets, including strengths, values and product?

Video 3

Clarify Your ‘No’ List [4.45 min]

  • Use the Pareto Principle to gauge the value of your past clients
  • Write out a list that contains everything you say ‘no’ to in potential clients.

Video 4

What problems could your product be solving? [5.13 min]

  • Consider the full range of problems or needs that your product can fix

Video 5

Research and narrowing according to what you want [6 min]

  • Research what the problems are by asking people and other secondary sources
  • Ask what of these problems do I want to solve?

Video 6

Which areas of the market have these problems? [3.50 min]

  • The businesses your identified problems exist for
  • The kinds of people your problems exist for

Video 7

Who is willing and able to use and pay for your product? [2.50 min]

  • Identify those who want to, and are are able to pay for your product

Video 8 Parts 1+2

Who is your specific group of target clients? [4.20 min and 3.30 min]

  • Identify the specific group of people you are in a position to serve
  • Make use of previous research and a range of other considerations

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