How to REALLY do what you love

In this episode, Alex discusses matters pertaining to running your own creative business; finding inner motivation to create, to produce, to dazzle the world with your creativity and your ideas and energy.


He talks about his take on the REAL meaning of doing what you love in business and life. How it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and how to do what you love successfully.


This is a MUST listen!


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Podcast Show Notes:

[01:03] – Alex talk about the concept of doing what you love and following your passion.

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[07:09] – Alex explains the reason why he wanted to talk about the idea of doing what you love.

[08:39] – Doing what you love – what does that mean?

  • As what Steve Jobs said, you need to focus on doing what you love because building your own business is inevitably going to be hard. There will be struggles, there will challenges, so it helps to be doing what you love. So that you stay with it, during the harder times.

[10:08] – The first myth when doing what you really love is that it’s supposed to be all fun, all good, all enjoyable.

[12:33] – Alex shares his challenges and experiences over the past years of doing what he loves as a creative artist.

  • If you are in this to make money; if you are in this to create an income; then creating the art is not going to be enough.

[16:30] – You don’t need to do what you love to do what you love.

[18:04] – Expect your creative business to suck at times. It will be tough. It will be annoying. It will be difficult.

[19:19] – Why do people self-sabotage?

[21:35] Happiness is not found through looking for happiness; because we get it wrong.

[23:55] – Ways on how we can be biased towards challenges.

  • Self-confidence
  • Social confidence
  • Battling irrational mindset

[30:24] – Alex shares some ways on overcoming the “low hanging fruit” of the fearful things that you got issues with.

  • Use desensitization.
  • Start from easy little habits.

[36:00] – Alex’s parting advice: Three things to take care of when it comes to deciding on the next steps of your creative career.

  • Focus on what you are interested in.
  • Be biased to overcoming your fears.
  • Do something that has the potential to make you money.


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