How to Overcome Creative Slumps?

In this episode, Alex answers a reader question on overcoming creative slumps.

He shares his idea of a slump, an ego, being a victim, the core factor why creative people do not want to take action and how does it affects the creative energy.

Alex also shares some tips and tricks on how to overcome creative slump by introducing ‘The Courage Aspect’ which will help unblock the passageways to become a more productive, higher energy creative person.

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Podcast Show Notes:

    • [00:54] – Alex shares with us a  ‘new feature’ he will be adding in the podcast in which he will be featuring one creative person, solo business or creative freelancer. Watch out for that!


    • [02:25] – If you want your voice to be featured in the upcoming episode for comments, questions, suggestions or you just want to say something – use the app. It has a cool feature that allows you to do an actual audio call-in.


    • [04:07] – Alex reads a reader question: What do you do on days when you feel like you’re a creative slump?


    • [05:34] – What is a slump?
        • A slump is a sense of being creatively blocked or down.


    • [06:58] – The core of creative slump for most creative people.
        • Comparison with other people – makes you feel low and left behind.


    • [07:58] – What is an ego?
        • An ego is the voice in your head that pushes you to want to protect your self-image.


    • [08:49] – The two sides of ego: 1) Keeps you proud of what you already have – even if it’s a story and it’s completely false,  and 2) and it stops you from developing.


    • [09:08] – What is a victim?
        • A victim is when you allow your ego to speak over to your rational thinking.
        • A victim doesn’t believe that they can change.


    • [09:37] – Alex shares tips on what you really need to do to stop being a victim and how to overcome being creative slump.
        • Learn something so that you will improve
        • Just get on with your work and turn off Instagram (and other social media sites that are causing you to be jealous)
        • Add your own value
        • Take action and be assertive


    • [17:17] – For Alex, the thing about creativity is that it’s  a very unconscious process. You only become creative when you do other things, and it could be as simple as: going for a walk, exercise, creating a list, writing a journal, etc.


    • [18:05] – Taking any kind of action is better than movement.


    • [18:39] – The main issue why people not wanting to make action is the fear of making a mistake.


    • [20:05] – Alex gives a piece of advice if you’re experiencing creative slump right now – The Courage Aspect.


    • [27:38] – Join Alex’s creative community at the Red Lemon Club Slack Group to chat with other creative minds from all spheres and all corners of the industry, from designers, coders, block chain enthusiasts, writers and illustrators.


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