How to Get Illustration Clients Course for Illustrators Launches

9 years in the making, I finally bring to you ‘How to Get Illustration Clients’.

This course comes in response to my own frustrations and failures, as well as the feedback I get from all of you regularly about struggling to bring in client work consistently, and even knowing where to start.

The course does exactly what it says on the box. Build your business and work on projects you care about this year if you’re an illustrator, street artist, graphic artist, designer or most other creative freelancers and businesses.



This has taken me a lot of personal failure and a lot of learning, personal success, working with guinea pigs, about 15+ illustrators one-to-one, and various other creatives, to fine tune a process that really works.

“Once you start to really implement Alex’s strategies you WILL see results.”  Tom Redfern, Illustrator

I can tell you with confidence that this course will help you get ideal clients quickly if you take action on it.


The course consists of:

  • a full 100-page ebook step by step blueprint on the process of getting clients;
  • full audio from me, the author, with extra commentary;
  • various templates to get you a step ahead of the rest;
  • a huge list of resources for illustrators;
  • extra bonuses

For those of you wondering if this is similar to my previous book: ‘The Only Option‘ – this guide has some overlaps, but in general the process is more streamlined and more tailored to graphic artists like illustrators. The Only Option still has a lot of relevance, but this new course is really its replacement and what I see as an upgrade.

“Since using Alex’s course, I have been making connections that have lead to new projects and a renewed energy to be in business for myself.” Molly Zakrajsek, Illustrator

A sample audio section from the course is below:


Read more (and more real testimonials) and buy your copy here.

Thank you.

icon artwork accreditation: Simon Wild. 


  1. This is probably me being dense but I’ve just payed for this and I don’t have it, is it meant to be sent to my email? I have the Paypal receipt but no download link.

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