How To Find Focus And Gain Momentum?

In this episode, Alex answers a reader question on finding focus and how important focus is in creative business and personal life.

He shares the step-by-step guide on how to find focus, identify goals and priorities and take action.

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Podcast Show Notes:

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    • [03:18] – Alex reads the featured creative – Catarina Oliveira, an illustrator who is just breaking into freelance illustration. To find out more of her creative work, visit Catarina Oliveiria Studio.


    • [04:36] – Alex addresses the most common questions he received from his recent survey – how do you get focused? Why is focus important? Why do we need focus in our life?
      • Focus is effectively a way to put momentum through things to drive forward the most important things to life.
      • Focus is where success is incubated, it totally goes hand-in-hand with forward momentum and other good things in life that we seek.


    • [09:17] – Alex gets more in-depth on how to be more focused.


    • [10:56] – What are assets?
      • Assets are things in life that are important to us, that we love and that we need to maintain in our lives to keep us sane, healthy, happy, alive and motivated.


    • [13:05] – Alex encourages listeners to get a pen and a piece of paper and write down all the assets they have: money, relationship, clients, creative skills, etc.
      • Once written, choose only two that needs attention the most right now.


    • [14:17] – What is a project and how does it affects focus?
      • A project is a sequence of action that you will take in order to improve whatever asset that project belongs to.


    • [15:17] – A project is made up to  things: 1) a goal and 2) a system.
      • A goal is the end result and a system is how you will execute something.
      • Most people fail because they only have a goal and no system in place.


    • [19:00] – Alex says that the ultimate level of focus in life is when you’ve got one thing you can focus on at a time. If you don’t have focus, you don’t have clarity.


    • [21:18] – Planning is key.
      • Get a pen and piece of paper or get Alex’s planner and list all the things that you need to do to move your step closer to your goals. Figure out what is the hardest thing to do and aim at that one first.


    • [24:57] – Alex shares why a lot of people fail to reach their goals (and this is something often overlooked).


    • [28:57] – Understanding priorities is what focus is all about. Focus is all about priorities, starting on the things that matter the most first and then comes all the other stuff.


  • [32:53] – Alex shares a sneak peak of his planner the Book of Lift which will help you find more focus and categorise well your priorities to be able to take action and achieve your goals.


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