How I Think About Money As A Creative Person

In this episode, Alex talks about getting into the right mindset about MONEY when it comes to making art and maintaining your creative integrity.

He shares how the right kind of money philosophy can help you make more of it, feel better about it, bring people the value they need, ALL while creating the best art.

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Podcast Show Notes:

    • [03:11] – Alex shares his views about the delicate intersection of creative work and money.
      • Do we need to be pursuing money?
      • Do we need to be pursuing our arts and blocking out any thoughts of money because it’s evil?
      • Do we need to be pragmatic in our approach with money?
      • Do we need to be thinking about money all the time?


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    • [06:09] – Alex talks about money mindset in the creative world.
      • The mindset that you have about money is everything because it affects how you behave when it comes to your pursuit or rejection of money as you develop in your creative work.


    • [08:01] – Christopher Browning, Alex’s business coach / life coach in Vietnam.


    • [08:34] – Think of money as a voted thanks from someone who has received your value.


    • [09:33] – What is value?
      • Value is something that drives improvement in life.


    • [11:43] – The interplay between saving money and going out and getting more of it.


    • [14:16] – Alex stresses the idea of going out and generating more income in an ethical and positive way.
      • Getting money as the result of creating value to the world and sharing that value to the people who need it.


    • [17:59] – The importance of figuring out who your money is for.
      • Know who your market/audience is.
      • The more refine your market is, the better service you will be able to bring to them and the more money they are willing to give to you.


    • [22:23] – Passion of creativity over money.
      • The way we think about money is maintaining our spark through the work that we create. We need to make sure that we are creating good quality, emotional, vibing, colorful art that we love and that our audience is going to love.


    • [24:19] –  Two things to think about when we set out to create art to generate more money.
      • Target – where your audience is and who they are
      • Bull’s eye – art that you create that brings you to life, you love, you enjoy, you value, you think is great and truthful.


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