How I landed a creative job at Google

In this episode, Alex talks about all elements that contributed to landing an illustration contract with the Google Plus Team.

Hone your style, make the right kinds of friendships and stack value.

This is a must listen for anyone who is looking for a dream clients.

Don’t miss it!



Podcast Show Notes:

    • [03:37] – Alex reads the featured creative – Lina Mass.
      • Lina Mass is a creative artist/illustrator from Lithuania. She makes beautiful and cool hand-drawings of animals and symmetricals in ornate designs. It’s worth having a look!
      • Take advantage of the Featured Creative segment to promote your creative work or recommend others creative work, send an email at


    • [10:12] – The first aspect of how Alex landed a job at Google – honed style.
      • Alex spent several years figuring out a marketable illustration style that is commercially viable.


    • [14:40] – Presenting and positioning yourself to your ideal clients.
      • Position yourself in a way that your ideal clients see you as a perfect fit.


    • [18:09] – The second aspect of how Alex landed a job at Google – connections of the people working at Google.
      • Commit to developing strong relationships with people.


    • [24:04] – The third aspect of how Alex landed a job at Google – side projects.
      • Provide extra value that will make people you see as a professional and credible creative person.


    • [27:20] – Keep going with the ongoing surface-level promotion (i.e. YouTube videos, work process, building up your newsletter, etc). Consistency is key.


  • [29:00] – Podcast recap.
    • Develop a credible creative brand.
    • Present yourself that people see you as the right fit.
    • Make friendships.
    • Building additional value.
    • Keep doing the ongoing promotional stuff.


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