How do you get INSPIRED about creating?

In this episode, writer and illustrator for companies like Google, Mars and the BBC, Alex Mathers discusses how he gets inspired to create his best work with regularity, even though he isn’t feeling it on some days.

He talks about focusing on problems is one of his best-kept secrets for getting emotional about the work (which is key for art that people love).

This episode concentrates on writing, but his ideas will apply to any creative field.

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Podcast Show Notes:

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    • [05:05] – How do you keep finding inspiration for articles that are in your zone and not outside of it?


    • [09:38] – Identifying problems.
        • If you’re trying to think about topics to focus on or subject matter to work on, it’s all about solving problems.
        • What problem you want to be fixing?
        • What problem you want to identify and work on a solution for?


    • [14:46] – It’s not only about identifying those problems, it’s simply to be consistent.
        • Consistency is doing things over and over again and it leads to a more refine idea.


    • [14:59] – Alex talks about the benefits of being consistent.
        • You have more output that you can share to the world.
        • Development of skills.
        • Your ideas will get better over time.


    • [19:02] – Brainstorming of ideas through writing. Put everything down on paper but don’t be on editing-mode yet. See everything from a bird’s eye-view.


    • [21:17] – You have to be comfortable in creating a lot of junk in order to find that gold inside the junk.


    • [23:30] –  The 300 Rule – you need to be okay with creating a lot of stuff ( minimum of 300 ) before you start getting insights from your mind which comes from repetition and dealing with failure.


    • [25:35] – Alex encourages creatives to put enormous feelings in their work. “There’s no point focusing into something that you don’t have feeling for.” Creativity is about feelings.
    • [29:48] – The more consistency and dedication you show to your craft, the more results and rewards you will receive. You will be rewarded by taking action.


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