Red Lemon Club is here!

I’m very happy to introduce to you a site that I’ve been planning to set up for a while now, focusing on online promotion methods for creative freelancers and independent workers.

Red Lemon Club is a fresh source of constantly updated information for those of you looking to gain a foothold in self promotion using all the powerful tools of the Internet.

I’ve noticed a lack of aggregated information for creative people that specifically aims to clarify the methods of self-promotion in simple terms using the web.

Being a creative freelancer myself, I have spent a long time learning about and monitoring the various ways the Internet can be used to expose yourself and build up your crucial network in the most effective ways possible. I have learnt huge amounts and look forward to sharing them all with you, whilst also learning more in the process.

The site aims to provide these insights as well as being a platform for creatives to discuss these methods and issues.

Red Lemon Club is for freelance workers, including artists, musicians, writers and designers, but also anyone wishing to promote themselves more effectively on the web can use this as a great resource.

Keep posted for lots of content and discussion and welcome to the club!




  1. Looking forward to seeing how this site develops! And, as a self-promotionally driven individual, maybe adding my two pence worth too!

  2. This seems like a great resource, especially for new freelancers such as myself. Not enough people are willing to share this kind of advice, but it can only serve to increase the value and productivity of the creative industries. I look forward to getting involved and sharing my future experiences!

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