Affiliates Guide


Thanks for choosing to become an affiliate for my ebook.

If you haven’t already, in order to make affiliate sales, you need to sign up to the e-junkie affiliate account where you have access to the code and links to send customers. The e-junkie link was provided in your affiliate mailing list welcome message.

Below you’ll find information and resources to best promote the book so that you maximize the sales and the commission you make.

To get code and link:

  • Register with e-junkie through the link I provided you.
  • Get affiliate code from merchant ‘Alex Mathers’ (it doesn’t matter whether through common or product specific link).
  • Change link text if required.
  • Paste code as a link on your site. You need access to your HTML code area to do this.
  • Or share the link in other ways including Twitter.
  • Or place a banner with affiliate link on your site.

To use links:

Take the link out of your affiliate code as below (link highlighted) and place into your site.

Twitter and Facebook

Social networking sites like these are great ways to post an affiliate link, but don’t overdo it and annoy people.

Use or to post shortened versions of the links.

To use a banner ad:

Use a suitable banner image from below and place into your blog or site, and make sure your affiliate link is linked to the image.

If you don’t have an ‘add image’ tool on your site, you need to incorporate the following code:

<a href=”YourAffiliateLink” target=”_blank”>
<img src=”BannerImageURL” border=”0” alt=”SomeKeywords” />

To copy the banner’s URL, either save and upload it to your site or Photobucket, or right click and copy the ‘image location’ and paste into the code.


Save the following to your computer or use the URL’s of the following by right-clicking and saving image location to use and inputting into your image code. You can also simply click the image to go to it’s own page, and copy the URL from the page’s address bar.

If you need files to help make your own, contact me.