How to Get Laser Focused by Designing Your Perfect Client

If you’re a creative professional, freelancer or business of any sort, one of the key parts of attracting regular clients, is in deciding on and determining a target market.

These are the people you are not only creating your finished product or service for, but the people you base your entire brand around. Your existence as a creative professional who earns good money from what you do depends on them.

It’s something I talk about in my free ebook that you can download, a must have set of core elements for people who want decent, regular clients.

Are you designing websites for creative industry businesses? Who are you painting pictures of bored-looking cartoon cats for?

Once you know what your target demographic/market is, you can go a step further and laser focus your business in the process by doing the following…

Think about your absolutely ideal, dream client within your target audience. What company do they work for? What’s the project they’ve hired you for? How much are they paying you? Where do they go on holiday? Where do they live?

Write it down, in good detail and read it and update it whenever you like.

I’m being this specific on purpose! The more of a clear vision you have of this person and remind yourself of them, the more you will do, consciously or sub-consciously over time, in bringing this client, this project, and others like it, to you.

Being clear on this will guide you more than you think, and you might find your ideal job on your doorstep tomorrow, if you build this into your creative plan.

Good luck to you!

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  1. I love this and think it is so important as a creative to have your perfect client staring you in the face as you work (put it next to the computer or as your desktop image).

    I’ll be doing more of this, thank you for the reminder of how powerful this is.

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