How about going on a real adventure this year?

Experiencing true adventure in the remote wilderness is not easy to come by these days.

It's a challenge to plan and takes experienced professionals who know what they are doing to lead the way.

To be able to go on expeditions to unique, untouched parts of the world, is mostly reserved for a select few: scientists; geographers; surveyors; those who work for National Geographic and BBC's Earth program.

Most people do not consider the option to join a group of like-minded photography enthusiasts on a trip to somewhere off the beaten track, let alone actually doing it.

But what if you want to take pictures of something different; something untouched; something truly wild?

'Vertical Shot Expeditions' has the answer.

Red Lemon Club has teamed up with Vlad, Wojtek, Dominik and the team at VSE to bring you real expeditions that are tailor-made for the adventurous photographer in you.

I'm very excited to offer you the opportunity for a sense of real exploration, and a chance to do something that you will not forget.

Vertical Shot is a team of renowned mountaineers, photographers, sailors, kayakers and explorers, who all share a love for the outdoors, adventure and natural beauty.

Vlad, Wojciech and Dominik expertly and cheerfully led us through the two weeks we spent around Lofoten, each bringing a wealth of experience and no shortage of anecdotes.

Greg Annandale, Sailing Expedition to Lofoten Islands, Norway

Vertical Shot Expeditions has found that niche of providing true outdoor adventure with expert photography guidance. In my case the combination of providing an intense dogsledding experience high above the arctic circle in Norway with the expert guidance of an action sport pro photographer was first rate.

Timo Pape, Dogsledding in the Arctic Wilderness

What are some of the photography expeditions available right now?

Photographing whales and wild Canadian landscapes by kayak

Photography sailing expedition to the Arctic islands of Norway

Across the Patagonian Ice Field – Life on the Ice, Southern Argentina

The Australian Outback - Between Coral Reefs and Deserts - 4x4 Overland Adventure

This wonderful, memorable expedition down the Danube exceeded all my expectations, and was truly a trip that I will always remember.

From our relaxed, sunny days paddling downstream and looking out for wildlife through to our evenings camping on the beautiful island beaches, the trip quickly settled into a lovely daily routine.

To top it all off, Vlad and Demo were kind and considerate guides, and each had a great sense of humour which added a lot to the holiday.

- Karen Atkinson, Wild Islands of the Danube by kayak 2014

Here are some of the things you can expect on joining one of these trips:

  • Groups no larger than 6
  • Be led by experts, mountaineers, photography professionals
  • Unforgettable memories and a real feeling of raw adventure
  • Travel uniquely - on dogsleds, kayaks, yachts, RIB boats...
  • Everything planned, and prepared for you
  • No previous experience required, just a good level of fitness

Huge deal for Red Lemon Club readers...

The guys at Vertical Shot have been kind enough to offer Red Lemon Club readers a big discount off one of their available expeditions.

When booking your place on one of the trips, use code: REDLEMON27 before June 15th 2015, and receive €100 Euros off the price of the adventure.

This offer will not be around for long and the spaces in each group fill up fast (I am joining one of them!), so get on this as soon as you can.

Click the button below to learn more about the trips, and book your place. Don't forget to use your code.

Have fun!

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