Ten drawings for creative people, to motivate and inspire

I’ve been taking a ‘writing blog posts hiatus’ as I explore shorter-form, hand-drawn motivational pieces, mainly as a means to promote the Red Lemon Club name on Instagram.

I love how social media limits my creativity to a single square. It gets me to think hard about what makes an impact, how people can be helped without meaningless words, and what LOOKS good for people to click.

Don’t worry, I’ll be adding articles here soon enough. I just need some space to focus on opening up a new, related avenue.

With good response so far, I’ve been enjoying the process more than I thought, and now I’m sort of addicted. 

I’ve been adding them into a dedicated Medium series, here, but I see no harm in throwing them up in a standard post too.

Let me know what you think, and do follow Red Lemon Club on Instagram for more drawings like the ones below:


If you enjoyed these, follow more on the Red Lemon Club Instagram, and I’ll see you there. 

Feel free to use these drawings for your own content, with attribution.


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