Can Blog Commenting Help You Promote Yourself?

There are already millions of blogs floating around in the cyber cosmos, and new ones are popping up every second. If that isn’t enough, all kinds of people are expressing their views, joining in discussions, and just stopping by to say hello in the form of comments left on blogs.

In and amongst this seemingly large heap of information, you as a creative freelancer, in need of useful and effective self promotion, may be wondering whether there is any point at all in commenting on other blogs for promotional gain.

Well, actually, there is a point. There are some excellent benefits of commenting:


1. Credibility. The writer of the blog you post on, as well as its readers will begin to see you as an expert on what you are talking about. This is good news if it relates to your industry and your speciality.

2. Adds to your Strategic Visibility. This was mentioned in a previous post. This is the idea that people are reminded of you, that you and your name and link is seen in key areas on the web.

3. Traffic. Always make a point of putting in a link to your portfolio, blog or site if you can. People intrigued by your comment will click your link to find out more about you and this will drive people to your sites.

4. Idea Creation. This is particularly useful if you write a blog. If you comment something useful or interesting, chances are that this can be turned into an effective new post on your blog.

5. Important readers. Key people, including potential clients and key influencers in your industry might well see your comment for obvious benefits.

6. Networking. Commenting on blogs is a useful networking activity. People are more likely  to talk about you, refer you, and link to you if they have heard about you.

7. Returned comments. Commenting on others’ blogs will often lead to people returning the favour (as well as through traffic coming through your comment) on your own blog. Try it. This has the benefit of adding social value to your site, feedback on your work, as well as potentially helpful information for you.

8. Improve skills. Writing valuable comments exercises that important area between the ears. For creatives and particularly writers, this is an excellent opportunity to practice and improve your idea creation and writing skills.

9. Improves Ranking. Search engines like Google love things called backlinks. These are links that their spiders can see link back to your site. Comments with links will add to the number of backlinks to your site and thus will improve where you are ranked in search engine results.

10. Makes you read. Active commenting will push you to read more of what you are commenting on. If the post you choose is relevant to you, a more solid grasp of what you are reading about will be very useful.


This doesn’t mean you have to spend all day on the Internet to address just one angle of effective online self-promotion. You need a simple strategy in mind before heading out to comment on posts occasionally.

Half of your strategy is being aware of the 10 points above. The other half is deciding to comment on blogs that are relevant to your field, have a decent amount of traffic and influence and will attract the types of people you yourself want to network with.

You can search for relevant blogs on social bookmarking site Delicious or Google blog search, for example. You can look at traffic levels and rankings on Alexa.

Happy commenting!

Don’t hesitate to comment with your thoughts below.



  1. Thanks for the post! I’ve been putting off a blog for way too long now and after reading its back on my ‘to do’ list!
    The kick I needed.. There seems to be a great deal more benefit to sharing your thoughts online than I had previously been aware of or had really even considered. Thinking about it I often take a small amount of time at the end of top 30’s or interesting blog posts to read others comments, so why not comment myself!? In fact this my first…

  2. Yes Carl!

    Great that you can see the benefit of commenting. You’re very right that comments are actually more visible than people think, and they are valuable.

    Congratulations on this being your first too 🙂


  3. Alex! So excited about this new site launch of yours. Thanks for offering up such pragmatic advice/insight AND in list format, seriously good. :~) I’m really looking forward to following Red Lemon Club + Ape on the Moon. You do such great work, please keep it coming!

    p.s. Thanks for the blog visit… envious of your upcoming trip to Japan!

  4. It’s funny that I would stumble on this particular post today…

    Every single item on that list is true. I experienced this for myself as I started a blog over the summer, and have been commenting in various blogs, tweeting, re-tweeting, and connecting this traffic back to my blog which was unpopulated for a while. since adopting this strategy more aggressively, hits to my blog have increased sharply. I am getting a lot more interaction from the design community on Twitter, and feel more confident about how I will be received in the design world once I become an intermediate or professional designer. I love this post.

    Lastly, a blog in the UK which has a platform very similar to my blog – featured me as their ‘design blog of the day’. I did not even know that the owner of that blog was a visitor to mine. I had been driving traffic from my blog to a couple of his blog posts, and also tweeting every time I gave him a mention. It may seem like pointless work at first, but the benefits are clearly worth it in the long-run if you are not shy and are cool to chat with…

  5. Hi! Great comment. These results are what inspire me with these methods more and more and I hope they inspire others too. You’ve got it right by saying that even small efforts can make a real difference.

    Keep at it.


  6. Hi,Alex many thanks to drag me to this positive post.
    I’ve been too silent since couple years, I just don’t feel a need to drop any comment or updating my work on blog.
    Probably it has to do with my tiresome in complex market game where lot of artists don’t play so many role actually but giant publishers,distributors & bookstores.So this conditions kill my motivation in some ways.Especially with the fact that virtual promotion in south east asia countries doesn’t work as good as in west countries.

    But yea,after reading your post,I feel awake from a deep sleep.
    It’s kind of sparkling inspiration at the end of the year 🙂
    especially after seeing Wil Freeborn sketches from ur site.

    Again,many thanks Alex !
    I like your works too 🙂


    • Greygrass: Thanks for your comment – again, it’s great that this stuff is helping to inspire you. You will see results even with the smallest efforts so keep it up!

      Great that you feel awake!


  7. Hey Alex,
    Great post. I’ve been following your blog for the last couple of weeks. Love your perspective on things.
    For me blogging always felt like shameless self promotion and as such I tried to stay as far a way from it as possible. Until now. I just recently joined facebook and twitter and have seen the positive affect that social networking has had on my business. As such, I’ve jumped into the wonderful world of blogging a couple of weeks ago and am just starting to refine that “art”.
    And I love your last point… “It makes you read”. I couldn’t agree more. The more we look at others’ work, and the more we’re aware of what’s going on around us, the better we can become. By reading (and blogging) more, it’s so much easier to be inspired by the work of other creatives out there.
    Thanks so much for your great post. Stoked to read more.

    and to follow your own advice 🙂

    • Hi Ian, that is all really uplifting to hear and I thank you for your comments.

      You’re absolutely right about how important it can be to be aware of what is happening in the areas we choose to engage with. With an awareness of what others are writing about, you are ahead of the game, in the sense that you are feeding your own knowledge, and in the sense that you have your finger of the pulse of your industry, something you’ll find important as you network with others and promote yourself.


  8. Thanks Alex, good stuff- though- don’t you think adding links to your own blog in comments has a bit too much of a stink of self promotion? It’s a tricky balance, keeping sincere and natural as well as promoting yourself. Especially for us art geeks.

    • Thanks for the comment, JP – yes I agree. Personally I would advise against leaving a blatant link within the comment itself, but make use of the link you can put in as the click through link for your name/business name.

  9. I always try to leave comments on posts that I thought were really well written, or that I have a particular opinion on. Typically, when the writer askes for feedback too, I feel more inclined to give it so long as I have an opinion.

    What puzzles me though is that, as social media becomes more and more a regular part of self promotion, is that people hardly leave comments on your blog anymore, and to show their appreciation they share it on Twiiter, or Facebook.

    I really like the idea of building a community on a blog, and fuelling discussion on post topics, but I don’t seem to know how to do that–sometimes also, I wonder if it’s the topics that I write about.

    Whatever the case may be, I find it happening more and more.

    Thanks a lot for this article Alex, it was all well said.

  10. Based on my Experience ,I completely agree that Do Follow blog commenting is the effective way in facilitating to pull traffic to the blog and improve its visibility on the Search Engine.Thanks for posting such a valuable information.

  11. Wow, I never thought that commenting blog posts would be that positive!.

    I try to make some time to read a few blogs that I find really interesting and useful (yes, yours is one of them! ), but I rarely leave any comments, I trend to close the tab and go back to work!.

    I guess I´ll start commenting more often, then!

    Thanks for the info!

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