Ten small steps to living a good life

There’s this thing you’ve been avoiding… That thing you think of when you wake up in the morning. The thing you’ve been making excuses for so that you never have to come face to face with it. But, it eats away at you. Breathing down your neck. Like that sleeping dragon, Smaug. Out there; a…

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The cure for an anxious, sucky life, in less than 550 words

You feel miserable. Life is hard. Everyone sucks. Nobody pays attention to you. Nobody respects you enough. You feel low. You’re depressed. Your anxiety is surging. You try all the cures. They tell you to take pills. You take them, but they only add a layer of ointment on top of your deeper ‘problems.’ Ultimately…

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Defy and Create

The resistance is there. The foggy feeling of not knowing is there. Feeling like I’m an imposter who has arrogantly assumed the role of a writer and an ‘advice-giver’ is there. The guilt at working from home, avoiding the daily commute is there. The shame of barely meeting anyone new because of a solitary life is…

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