Alex is now offering video-recorded, detailed appraisals of your personal websites where you show your work.

This means Alex will take a look at your site, and do a screencast commentary as he runs over your site, work and content.

Upon purchase and emailing him your web link (one site at a time), Alex will aim to return a recorded appraisal video of 15-20 minutes, within 7 working days, covering the following areas:

• Your creative work, style, specialism

• The effectiveness of your website from a client-acquisition point of view

• Suggestions for change in order to boost the likelihood of getting hired

• Tips, hacks and ideas for optimising your web presence for maximum impact

• Tailored, personalised suggestions on how to attract clients for your specific line of work.


"I took Alex's advice and made the necessary changes to my portfolio and website. Since then, I have clinched three new clients and I'm confident that's just the beginning. Pretty impressive after only one weeks's consultation!"

Jodie McGuinness, Graphic Designer  "


Alex really took the time to review my portfolio and offered easy-to-implement strategies that will help me focus my style and direction. Before contacting him, I felt like I was being pulled in a number of directions.  

Alex's trained eye provided business and marketing logic behind the recommendations. I now feel confident moving forward in the creative and self-promotion aspects of my business." Lianne Tokey, Hand Letterer


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30 day Guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with Alex's work after 30 days, Alex will provide you with a full refund.