What’s a Red Lemon?

A ‘Red Lemon’ describes someone who is committed to self-growth, creating remarkable creative products and services, and standing out.


Red Lemon Club’s mission is to encourage conversation between creative minds of all kinds in one place.

Many creative professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers work in isolation. And many of us don’t hear so much from creatives in other fields.

And yet collaboration, new ideas, new perspectives and new interactions are a central feature to the creative life.

Red Lemon Club provides a meeting place for creatives from all industries and backgrounds who share a passion for self-growth, creativity and making an impact with that work.

Our online forum is currently home to writers, visual artists, designers, developers, film-makers and more. We continue to add new people and perspectives each day.

It is a venue for gaining new ideas, finding new opportunities, keeping each other motivated, and discovering exciting new things together.


I’m Alex Mathers [pronounced ‘May-thers’], founder of Red Lemon Club; a coach, writer and illustrator, currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.

As a young man, I loved to draw pictures and write stories.

Eventually, having studied Geography and Real Estate, and realising that these degrees would not help me much, I turned to illustration and writing.

Giving a Behance workshop in Tokyo

I’ve spent a lot of my life as an illustrator, but my main focus now is on writing and helping others write well, as well as running Red Lemon Club, which has been going as a blog since 2009.

I’ve worked with clients like Google, Sony, Mars, Saatchi & Saatchi, and the BBC.

I have written several books on attracting clients, creativity, and standing out, and have written for 99u, Design Taxi, Computer Arts, Six Revisions, and Digital Arts.

I have spoken at ICON Conference in Texas, OFFF festival in Barcelona, Behance in Tokyo, Ilustratour in Spain, DXSaigon in Vietnam, and the AOI in London.

A lot of my work can be found at my central hub: AlexMathers.net.

Alex, being watched in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

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Alex speaking in front of 2000 people at OFFF design festival Barcelona, 2014, Roots stage


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