52 Tips and Hacks for Promoting Your Art, Business and Brand.

This guide is packed with 'outside the box' ideas and actions you can take today to explode your brand's exposure, win dream clients and sell more products.

"Red Lemon Club is the only business/creative advice I take seriously."

Melissa Gutierrez, Artist, writer
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Why are the ideas in this book any different, and why should they interest you?

For many years I found it very hard to bring attention to my products and services, including my illustration work.

The amount of chatter on the Internet and the sheer breadth and range of talent and quality products out there made it very difficult to make even a dent and get the ongoing exposure I wanted to for my creations.

The biggest secret I've found for when it comes to getting attention to the work you do?

Going against the grain. Doing what others do not do.

Through making a ton of mistakes, learning from the best, and years of trial and error, I've been collecting a selection of highly effective ways to bring attention to your work, in ways that are sustainable and ethical. Most of all, these tips all follow the unbeaten path.

It's full to the brim with uncommon ideas and 'hacks' that will set you apart from the crowd.

In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • 52 ideas that go against the grain

    This guide is a compendium of approaches that few take, which will in turn make you stand out. Don’t join the herd.

  • 52 ideas on how to sell more

    The guide is packed with unique ideas, collected over 5 years of working with creatives, that will lead to more dream clients and more products sold.

  • 52 ideas on getting attention

    The biggest problem most small businesses have is obscurity. This guide shows you how to get plenty of attention on your business, art and brand.

What Other People Are Saying About Red Lemon Club's Tips:

"Red Lemon Club is like a 'Haynes Manual' for creatives, full of practical advice that strips projects down to their component parts. It's one of my favourite resources and part of the reason I was able to win my dream client this year, the BBC”

Steve Welsh
Steve Welsh Illustrator

"I've successfully put my work into a Gallery in Greenwich. Your tips have helped me think of myself as viable in this very competitive world and city.”

Ruthie Greenwood
Ruthie Greenwood Artist

"Your helpful tips are genius, even on a busy schedule I make sure I always read them. I find them inspiring, useful and easy to digest!”

Harriet Riddell
Harriet Riddell Craft Artist

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