1. 16.2 = Get a blood test. I was working too hard the past few years with little or no exercise at all (I stay in front of the computer the moment I wake up ’til I go to bed) and ate lots of fast food. Then I just found out that my Triglyceride went up to 507 (Max should be ONLY 150). There you go! Now, I changed my lifestyle. I started running, eating right, lost some weight, and totally reduced my working hours!

    Your health is more important than your work!

    • Wow thanks Marco – something for us all to think about. Getting a test has been in the works for a while – must get on with it! Health is indeed much more important than work.

  2. Alex; I continue to get so much great value from your posts. This one, once again, covers the many issues, concerns and opportunities I find myself engaged with on a daily basis, both in my own freelance career and on behalf of my graphic design students. I’ll be sharing these as talking points in my classroom and have already done so on both my Twitter accounts. Thanks again for all the time, effort and thoughtfulness you so generously share with those of us in the creative community!

    • Absolute pleasure Leif, and great to hear it from you. Keep spreading the word and keep reading! All the best

  3. Great synthesis of ideas Alex. Most of these thoughts have been floating around in my head in recent years and seeing them listed together will help me focus my efforts. My takeaway from your excellent feature is that each of us as creatives has to put out into the public sphere the essence of who we are and what we stand for…what are our core beliefs, and can we offer. Each of us has unique strengths, and there are people out there who will benefit from our contributions. It’s finally time to ask myself why — as someone who loves graphic design and illustration — am I spending time putting together WordPress sites. It’s not my main interest, so it will never become my core strength.

    • Thank you Steve, that is definitely one of the roles we can all play, especially the part about putting out a solid idea of who we are and what we stand for. Putting ourselves forward boldly is one of the best things one can do.

  4. Alex I just mentioned your newsletter on my biz facebook page, birdloft.
    and last night I shared this particular story with my wife. The new
    format looks great. your last two articles have had refreshingly
    unexpected nuance and insight into the contemporary creative condition.
    thank you. here’s the birdloft link for reference …I’ll look forward to your next post.

    • cheers – because web coding costs me upward of $400 just for one post. Easier for me to layout, then get help turning it into images. Text is there in the alt.

  5. Thanks Alex!!! I think you’ve just created the “Reference Bible” or “The Blueprint for Creative People in the 21st century”. Yes, some of what you said is tough to digest, but I think you’re very much on the ball! Thanks for your insight. Peace.

  6. You have a lot of points mentioned there which may harm the creativity of an individual. But we can look at it the other way as well. These same things can bring out the best of creativity in many people.

    Bad economic conditions have brought out the best of many successful people e.g. Oprah.

    Hostile political environment has brought out the best in many artists.

    Technological advances can be used by someone techno savvy who is no longer limited by his geographical and social status to great advantage.

    Ultimately, it’s a question of whether you look at it as a glass half empty or a glass with a potential to get filled 🙂

    • Absolutely agree. It is, however, only once we see and comprehend the challenge that we can move beyond them and turn a negative into a positive.

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. I’, very curious about 2. I’ve read it a lot that as a businesses we need to focus on who were are selling to and not just everyone. How can someone like me know if my group is too broad? I’ve seen it explained what we should be doing but not any examples on that topic. I have my own ideas of who I am trying to sell to but it feels to broad and I can’t seem to understand the balance. One group I am trying to sell to is those who want to expand business to web or improve their web presence. P.S. This the 4th post I’ve read so far today and I’ve learned something from each one. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  8. Really interesting, thought provoking post Alex. Thank you. I find that just the ‘noise’ of the often overwhelming number of images everywhere can become a block. I need peace, without overly relying on media presence, such as the T.V. internet… place me in a city and all creativity goes. But I also have a tendency to work alone too much.

    I think it’s so important to analyse what does and doesn’t work, and try and create a workable balance.

  9. As a consultant to artist, I hardily agree with these thoughts. Creativity is a gift to be used inside and outside of the studio.

  10. So glad to have found this site. Such a great wealth of information, very rarely attended to in such an concise and entertaining way. Thank you.

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