11 Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself Right Now

Ah, feeling motivated. It seems to come and it go. It ebbs and flows.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that motivation is not something that burns in the lucky few of us. Motivation is better viewed as an attitude.

Those people that seem more motivated, more consistently, are not special. They have simply chosen better habits to allow real motivation to rise up, even when they aren’t initially feeling it.

Motivation starts and ends with a decision, not a feeling.

The following are eleven such decisions that when acted on with consistency, will contribute to a motivated life, but also provide a boost, this very instant…

1. Have Fun




Decide to have fun right now, with whatever you are doing. Make a game out of it, even if you aren’t in the mood to start with.

What could be enjoyable about what you need to do next?

What makes you smile about what you hate to do?

The only reason things are serious is because you choose to make them so.

Choose to be a rebel, and have fun.

2. Act Your Character


How you act today, is who you become.

If you want to be a world class [insert dream job here], what do people like this do every day? How do they act?

You can live the life you want right now, by acting like the person who has that vision. There is no later. Today is the future.

Don’t try, just BE the person you want to be this very moment.


3 Sit With Yourself


Do nothing, sit, breathe and watch yourself as an observer for a while.

Let yourself do nothing for at least twenty minutes. It’s ok because I told you so.

Let your shoulders drop. Watch your thoughts go by and let them dissolve into thin air.

Watch the feelings you feel. See how in doing this, you aren’t your emotions or your thoughts. You are an observer who can see the gap between your true self, and your emotional, ‘wrapped in thought’ self.

See how emotions are just hints to guide your true, deeper self.

An observer is calm, clear, aware and in control.


4. Clean Up


Tidy up and de-clutter your surroundings. Go full minimal!

Avoid and delete the things that distract you the most. Turn off your phone.

Your environment has a huge influence on your state of mind and your motivation.

The less distracting and dirty it is, the better you will feel.


5. Use Your Imagination


What we see in our mind’s eye is real. Our body’s cannot tell the difference.

Make the most of your power to visualise a motivated life, and your motivation will follow.


6. Lose Face


Give yourself permission right now to not care about what others think of you. That’s all it needs. Your own permission to be immune to the judgements of others.

Instead of putting energy into trying not to care, shift your attention to making others feel good about themselves.

How can you improve someone else’s life today in a small way?

Your life can – and will change by turning your focus to helping others.


7. Ask Yourself What’s Good?


Asking ourselves simple questions awakens the mind.

Ask yourself the simple question: ‘What’s good in my life today?

No answers are beneath you.

Build a list and savour that list for a while.

Being conscious of the good things makes us feel good right now. Sometimes all it takes are reminders to snap us out of our worries.

This awareness also provides a launchpad for bringing in more good things into our lives.


8. Reframe Your Biggest Problems


Write a list of your biggest concerns niggling at you right now.

For each perceived ‘problem’ work out how that problem is actually an opportunity.

All problems are simply opportunities in disguise for making your projects and your life infinitely better. We just rarely spend the time to reframe them as such, and you can do that today.


9. Take Baby Steps


Break down your tasks into little steps. Make the first step tiny, like laughably small.

Walking is easier once you’ve started.


10. Brainstorm


Get out a pen, and write down a goal, or something you want in your life, or a problem in life that needs solving.

Write this at the top of the page, and create a numbered list of 1-20. Write out 20 ideas for attaining that goal or different ways to solve that problem.

Doing this will show you that you actually know most of the answers to everything you want. Instant motivation.

The only thing for you to do now is take this renewed energy and take the first step.


11. Do Something Badly


Don’t wait until you are perfect to take on a challenge big or tiny. Laugh at how bad you are at something, enjoy it and see how your attitude changes.

All that matters is that you did the thing.

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  1. Great Article Alex. Very valid points that you have raised. Above all, the drawings/illustrations are complementing the article.

  2. Wow. I think this is the best, and most practical guide to motivation I have come across! I like the way you started with ‘have fun’! I personally love hearing success stories as well, and the book ‘The Audacity of Success’ (found at the site with the same name) is outrageously motivating as well 🙂 What I found I lacked was ‘making a decision’, no matter what the goal and not being ‘clear focused’ as a result. I enjoyed the playfulness of the post. It’s definitely going on my wall! God bless!!

      • Hi Yaga, Step 11 is the ACTION step. If you don’t move, you won’t know if you can or cannot do something. You may not succeed but that is all the reason why you should try – to discover and understand what to do next and the earlier we discover our potentials and even weaknesses the better for us. We learn from mistakes so Step 11 is encouraging us not to be afraid of mistakes. From our mistakes we can go back to the drawing board and try at it again. A lot of people who are successful professionals today thought they would never get to that place. But before you try anything, check the level of risk so that you don’t get hurt (maybe something that’s physical). If it’s something that’s very risky and you are in doubt, ask for help. I hope this helps.

  3. This is written in a way that everyone can easily get in to. The illustrations made it even easier to digest. 🙂 Great job!

  4. its funny, ive been convincing people im a wizard and through this you totally outed me hahahaaa its fantastic when you can see you’re not alone, turn on tune in get it done

  5. What should i do when i have lost my all motivation how can i get willpower back and feel to do some adventerious…

    • You get aggressive. You promise yourself that you will make a big change, and you set to work doing it. Taking aggressive and alive responsibility is the mother of all sources of motivation.

  6. It’s brilliant! Thanks for sharing that with us. I really like your article, in content and in style. The illustrations are great too.

    Anyway, I’m going to try that as soon as possible. I use meditation too, it really works.

  7. And, again, thanks a heap. You have the most encouraging posts I’ve read, and this at the top of the list.

    Keep up the great work, Alex!

  8. This article is amazing, and broke my fear opf failing today. Now I feel lighter and will attempt new creative projects with a sense of fun instead of feeling that everything has to be perfect or I won’t do it!

  9. Great post. Love the illustrations – and actually talking about illustrations do you have any posts or articles about the tools you use in your creativeness .. like Adobe Illustrator, or Graphic for Mac for example?
    I’m pretty new here so sorry in advance if this is covered someplace on your site already.. I’m still deep sea diving here. Peace!

    • Thanks David! To be honest, I haven’t done much writing on my creative process, beyond some articles in magazines elsewhere. I will work on it!

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