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  1. Loretta Falls says

    I am one year to retirement. It has been a passing thought to start marketing crafts for profit.

    My family is grown and on their own.
    Now I am ready to move ahead.

  2. Izac sherrington says

    Help me become a successful, wealthy and talented young lad please. All I want is to be happy and I wont feel content until I reach my goals.

  3. Nancy says

    My passion for painting and being creative has always been the most important and rewarding aspect of my life since I was 5 or 6 yrs old. I’ve sold some of my art and have given most away…Sure could use help making it my main source of income

    • Alex Mathers says

      By following the newsletter you will hear from me when new writing is made available along the lines of making the most of your creativity. Thanks!

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