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This tiny addition to your creative process could change everything

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Creativity / Inspiration

Creativity can be effortless in some moments and a nightmare in others. At times, it flows, like a catamaran gliding over glassy waters in a persistent gale. At others, we feel like weary explorers battling through the thick, grasping vines of our jungle minds. Often we try to start our work when we are scattered. We feel flustered, and we want to be elsewhere. Our minds wander. We feel scratchy. We pop another glance at those […]

Create For Yourself, Not for Anyone Else

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Creativity / Productivity / Remarkability

One of the most valuable lessons of working as a freelancer over nine years has been the importance of doing work for myself, rather than for others. This sounds selfish, because I suppose it is, and I get that this seems to go against a lot of what I’ve written about before, which it does not. The key thing I want to drive home is that selfishness is the root to selflessness (and great work […]

How to Dominate Your Market and Win as a Creative Freelancer in this Slow Economy

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Business / Motivation / Productivity / Selling / Taking Action

The message we’re getting about the global economic situation via the media is clear: it ain’t great. And it does not look set to improve any time soon. Particularly for the masses. The self employed, and small to medium businesses look set to struggle for the most part for a long time to come. For the most part. Read More

Are UnPaid Creative Projects Worth Doing? Here’s How They Can Be

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Business / Finance / Freelancing / Money / Promotion

It’s an experience many creatives have suffered, particularly early in their careers - taking on a project that promises exposure rather than financial reward. Often poorly defined and almost never accompanied by a written agreement, the nature of these projects allows the client to tweak, twist, turn, and change the scope of the project at their whim. Eager to please, you work late, you work early, and you rush what needs to be done, increasing the chance […]

7 Simple Acts of Daily Self-Discipline that Will Make You a Better Artist / Ninja

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Creativity / Motivation / Productivity / Taking Action

You’ve probably heard it rattled into your brain several times over the last few weeks, even days: if you want to get anywhere in life, take action. And when we’re talking about the projects and businesses we work on, yes, taking action trumps all the planning and learning, fidgeting and worrying you will ever do. Art will not materialise, life will not get organised, connections will not be made, if you are not taking conscious […]

QuickFire: Common Questions Asked by Working Creatives, Answered in Short

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Brand You / Business / Freelancing / General

My awesome Red Lemon Club subscribers have been sending me career pains, struggles and gripes in large numbers over the past four years. There are many things we as creatives struggle with, are confused by and just plain don’t understand. I thought it would be useful (and fun) to throw together a post that quickly answered some of the common issues and questions many of you have, in what I call a Quickfire Post. That’s right, […]

11 Things Most Other People Never Do that You Can Do to Win Amazing Clients

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Adding Value / Promotion / Referrals / Remarkability / Selling

Do you do what everyone else does? With so many products and services flying around out there, you’d do well to stand out to attract the fans and buyers who need you. People are responding to this with various forms of self promotion and getting the word out there. The trouble is, most people are either simply not doing enough, or they resort to being grotesque (any pop ‘stars’ come to mind?), or they’re doing […]

29 Quick Ways to Feel Good So that You Can Get Back to Work

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Creativity / Motivation / Personal Development / Productivity

All professions and forms of craft require people to feel good to do their best work. This is particularly profound amongst us creative souls, pharmacy where emotion and the mood we’re in play a huge part in our output. To make good art, we need to feel good. There’s no doubt about that. Obviously doing things that create good vibes over the long run, such as keeping fit and healthy and eating well are important. […]