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7 Truths that Explain Why You’re Winning Less than You Could Be

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In a world in which most people are busy covering truths to save face and be nice to one another, sometimes we just need some words of honesty to help those who really need it. If you’re not seeing the results you want yet, it could be that you and those around you are not being totally honest with you. It’s understandable. The truth can be painful. But the truth is vital, because it’s only […]

How an Emphasis on ‘Deep Empathy’ Helped a Musician Build a Successful Creative Agency

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Behind Scenes / Business / Creatives / Interviews

Satellite Office is an artist management and creative services agency founded by Erik Attkisson, now coming up to 10 years in the business. Since their launch in 2006, they have continued to succeed and evolve, adding photography to their lineup last year and Erik starting a secondary label with Ben Arditti called &Reach. Read More

How to Experience a Life Few Will Ever Know and Most Would Envy

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Inspiration / Motivation / Personal Development

What proportion - do you think - of the things you’ve done in life to date are comprised of things that have separated you from the crowd? How many times have you consciously decided to take a route that very few others would ever dare take? This is a post I know will be completely irrelevant to some of you, because stepping out of conformity feels uncomfortable. To others, being different comes easy, like it […]

How to make your brand more credible to attract bigger clients

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Brand You / Remarkability / Selling

If you have a brand, sell products, or provide skilled services, on top of an outstanding product, you need to be believable in order for clients to want to work with you. As someone who has run his own graphic art business over the last eight years with an interest in working with the very best, I’ve taught myself a good deal on this area. You need to be credible. Read More

On the rewards of making others look good

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Adding Value / Promotion

If you forget all else about how to land clients and build solid relationships with people of all kinds, being aware of this one thing will get you very far indeed. Every interaction you make with people from this point on should be to make them look good, important and/or add to their success - or at least help them do so. This applies to businesses and companies, as well as individuals. It’s human nature to feel […]

Over-delivery is the only way to do business as a stand out creative

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Brand You / Promotion / Radical Strategic Visibility

Anyone can do what is expected of them as a professional creative. Sounds like a good thing, yes? The problem with doing what people expect you will do might be safe, but it will not help you stand out in the crowd. Indispensable creatives don’t do what people expect they will do. You need to be just as interested in being remembered positively as being found, and that requires that you deliver more. Read More

Why Following Up Will Lead to More Opportunities In Your Life

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Business / Clients / Networking / Promotion

How important do you consider your network of contacts to be to your business? Whether you want to generate a new client project, ask for advice, make a sale or grow your network, your creative business relies on the effectiveness of the communications you make with people who you can serve, and those who stand to benefit you (money, advice, referrals, influence…). [Scroll to bottom for SoundCloud audio version, read by Alex]. For most of […]

9 Signs You’re Not on Your Path, and What To Do About It

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Brand You / Creativity / Motivation

Are you following your path? Do you know exactly what makes you passionate? We are not born with a path laid out for us, like so many of the gurus tout. That’s entitlement thinking, and another reason to sit back and wait for life to happen to you. You need to become aware of your passion and choose your path accordingly. We are activated when we identify a path that resonates with us as individuals. Not […]

How to Predict What You Will Earn from Your Creative Business Each Month

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Imagine what it would be like if you could predict your income every month. What am I talking about? How could anyone predict their income. Don't be silly. Right? I’m not talking about receiving a paycheque from your employer. I mean being able to know, within a few hundred quid or bucks, what you will earn next month, and eight months from now. Read More