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Notes on How to Price Your Work Like a Hero

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I often get asked about how to best price one’s freelance work when working with clients. How much should you charge? Where do you start? How do you charge at a level that means you keep a client interested, maximise the amount of money you get for your planned (or finished) work, while retaining your self-respect? [For SoundCloud audio of this post scroll to the bottom and listen.] Read More

11 Ways I’ve Made Money in the Last 8 Years, From Illustrator to Consultant

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Editor's note: This article refers to earnings that accrued 8 years prior to the date the post was written. You’ll hear me talk a lot about the importance of earning money and driving revenue as a priority over all else. Too many of us scoot around the importance of a strong, humming cash flow, instead placing more emphasis on things like pursuing passion; dreams, and ‘doing what you love’. These are all important, but you will […]

How to Predict What You Will Earn from Your Creative Business Each Month

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Imagine what it would be like if you could predict your income every month. What am I talking about? How could anyone predict their income. Don't be silly. Right? I’m not talking about receiving a paycheque from your employer. I mean being able to know, within a few hundred quid or bucks, what you will earn next month, and eight months from now. Read More

An Expert’s Advice on Why Creative Pros Often Struggle with Social Media

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A few months ago in Ho Chi Minh City, I was introduced to Ahna Hendrix, a social media manager and writer running her own business. I was immediately impressed by her commitment to - and belief in - what is possible with not just running a business, but specifically using social media effectively. Since then, we’ve worked together on consulting several Red Lemons on improving their marketing strategies. The feedback has been excellent, and I […]

The Only Reason Most Creative Professionals Fail to Build Successful Businesses

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There are many reasons why creative professionals do really well in business. They have an exceptional product. Their skills are refined and glass sharp after years of practice. They’re motivated. They are on top of their finances. They know how to create work that is commercial, and they are great at marketing themselves. (Oh, look, I’ve just discovered that there is no secret to building a successful creative business!). But there is only one reason […]

29 Quick Ways to Feel Good So that You Can Get Back to Work

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All professions and forms of craft require people to feel good to do their best work. This is particularly profound amongst us creative souls, pharmacy where emotion and the mood we’re in play a huge part in our output. To make good art, we need to feel good. There’s no doubt about that. Obviously doing things that create good vibes over the long run, such as keeping fit and healthy and eating well are important. […]

Red Lemon Club Interviews Illustrator Dan Matutina

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I first came across Philippines-based illustrator and designer Dan Matutina’s distinct work many years ago. His hard-edged, original and absorbing creations drew me in, and I featured his earlier stuff on my other site Ape on the Moon. Since then, I’ve worked with Dan on several of my own projects, made good friends, and even chatted over coffee and Char Siu pork with him in Hong Kong. Read More

19 Reasons Your Online Portfolio Gets Barely Any Visits

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You are a wonderful artist and you have a great, prostate clean portfolio site featuring lovely new art and pictures you’ve been creating. You’d like more people to see your work and to hopefully get some paid work too. You check your site visits statistics and it’s heartbreakingly low. You decide to send a rushed email to everyone you know with a link to your work. You later regret how desperate you must have sounded, and […]