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Why My Weekly Checklist is the Best Thing for My Productivity

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As an INFJ who is very much ‘feelings’ driven, I have always found it hard to get into a routine and stay organised and disciplined. I usually go do whatever I feel excited about doing over the course of the day, so productivity is usually not a problem, but staying focused on what is important is. Because of this, a lot of my productivity can get wasted. Too much energy goes into procrastination and Twitter. […]

26 Lifestyle Changes Guaranteed to Substantially and Quickly Boost your Creative Productivity

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Creativity / Idea Generation / Motivation / Productivity

Being makers of things, one of our most important assets is our ‘creative productivity’. In this case, our ability to actually create new things through doing; through taking action, not just thinking about it. To counteract this, we so often come against various blocks in energy and enthusiasm that hamper such efforts. Abounding in creative productivity is, therefore massively valuable, and it is in our best interests to see it thrive consistently within us. I’m […]

19 Reasons Your Online Portfolio Gets Barely Any Visits

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You are a wonderful artist and you have a great, prostate clean portfolio site featuring lovely new art and pictures you’ve been creating. You’d like more people to see your work and to hopefully get some paid work too. You check your site visits statistics and it’s heartbreakingly low. You decide to send a rushed email to everyone you know with a link to your work. You later regret how desperate you must have sounded, and […]

How to Set up Your Self Promotional Kick Ass Newsletter

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Brand You / Mailing Lists / Newsletters

Are you a creative professional/freelancer/guru/genius without a newsletter (or whatever you prefer to call it)? Are you putting time most days into growing your mailing list to which you send this newsletter? If not, sales why not? Every day serves as an opportunity to add prospects and clients and others who have expressed an interest in you and your service, ask or simply followers of your expertise, cheap to your mailing list. Once they are […]

10 Tips for Improving Your Writing Online

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Promoting yourself online will inevitably require some writing. This might be through the text you use in describing your work on your site, the posts you write on your niche blog, or the articles you write to drive traffic to or improve the search engine ranking of your sites. Here are some tips you should observe in order to deliver better online copy (writing) that will draw readers in and transmit a professional image: 1. […]

10 Ways a Newsletter Can Drive Your Self Promotion

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Mailing Lists / Networking / Newsletters / Radical Strategic Visibility

Building up a database of accessible contacts gradually, is in my view one of the key ingredients to powerful ongoing self promotion. One of the best ways to do this is to have people in your network, including fans, friends, previous clients and potential clients, sign up to your email mailing list. Although it doesn't have to be termed as such, a newsletter is the best way to attract people onto your mailing list in […]