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How an Emphasis on ‘Deep Empathy’ Helped a Musician Build a Successful Creative Agency

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Satellite Office is an artist management and creative services agency founded by Erik Attkisson, now coming up to 10 years in the business. Since their launch in 2006, they have continued to succeed and evolve, adding photography to their lineup last year and Erik starting a secondary label with Ben Arditti called &Reach. Read More

How a Death Metal Rocker Built a World Renowned Graphic Design Company

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Radim Malinic is a good friend of mine who consistently amazes me with his ability to produce things of true quality. I suppose this is less of a surprise when you consider that his main philosophy is to focus on quality work, no matter who you're working for. Just looking through these images demonstrates his eye for colour, structure, strong design, and great presentation. His graphic design business Brand Nu was built from scratch, and now […]

An Interview with ‘Intern’ Magazine Creator Alec Dudson

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While intern has established itself as an invaluable platform for young creative talent both with its content and ethical perspective, it's an ongoing discussion which resides in its foundations. When Alec Dudson launched the publication, he did so with the intent to open up a dialogue. It's a subject with which he has first-hand experience and believes to be an essential topic for the industry to be talking about. We had a chat with Alec and […]

Beach London’s Evolution and Becoming a Creative Laboratory

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Editor's note: Red Lemon Club, thanks to the help of Philip Dennis, now do interview features to reveal insight into the success of various creative individuals and brands around the world. Beach London is a gallery that has evolved various facets as a creative outlet, becoming much more than clean, white walls adorned with contemporary graphic art. They have established themselves as a welcome meeting place within the art and design community; hosting events, working on […]

An Expert’s Advice on Why Creative Pros Often Struggle with Social Media

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A few months ago in Ho Chi Minh City, I was introduced to Ahna Hendrix, a social media manager and writer running her own business. I was immediately impressed by her commitment to - and belief in - what is possible with not just running a business, but specifically using social media effectively. Since then, we’ve worked together on consulting several Red Lemons on improving their marketing strategies. The feedback has been excellent, and I […]

Red Lemon Club Interviews Illustrator Dan Matutina

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I first came across Philippines-based illustrator and designer Dan Matutina’s distinct work many years ago. His hard-edged, original and absorbing creations drew me in, and I featured his earlier stuff on my other site Ape on the Moon. Since then, I’ve worked with Dan on several of my own projects, made good friends, and even chatted over coffee and Char Siu pork with him in Hong Kong. Read More

Why It’s Ok to be Introverted, and an Interview with Writer Susan Cain

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I’m someone who could be considered ‘in his head’ a great deal and definitely what one might call an ‘introvert‘. When Susan Cain’s book, ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking’, came along, I dove into it with some enthusiasm, possibly as a means to find some comfort in dealing with and understanding the ‘affliction’. Susan and her book have made great strides in spreading an understanding and a well-researched […]

RLC Talks to Illustrator Rod Hunt on Self Promotion (and more!)

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Rod Hunt is a London based illustrator and artist who has built a reputation for retro-tinged illustrations and detailed character filled landscapes. With UK and international clients spanning publishing, design, advertising & new media, he's illustrated everything from book covers to advertising campaigns, installations and iPhone apps. He's also the illustrator behind the bestselling Where's Stig? books for the BBC's hit TV show Top Gear. Read More