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The 20 Most Useful Lessons I’ve Learnt as a Creative Blogger Over the Last Few Years

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As you’ve no doubt seen me write about a good deal, keeping a blog* is one of the things I most consistently recommend as a means to so many fruitful things, including self-promotion, building credibility as an expert in something, and self-teaching/learning/discovery. Having started putting material down in blog-form since early 2009, and staying with two blogs since then, I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting, dealing with feedback and frustration, tweaking, swapping, changing, updating […]

The Promotional Power of Little By Little

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When it comes to a strategy for promoting yourself and your work, we often either don’t have one or find it difficult to stick to it over time owing to its complexity. One of the best and most basic approaches in reaching out to people, whether they be new prospects or old clients, is by being the tortoise and not the hare. By this I mean that the gradual and more long-term approach will beat the […]

Massively Promote Yourself by Creating Information Products

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An often overlooked tool that you, the creative professional, can use to make big differences in the effectiveness and far-reaching capability of promoting yourself, is the information product. Particularly with the ease in which material is transmitted and shared on the internet, such products as training videos, ebooks and articles, have become an incredibly powerful means to get your brand in front of many targeted people. Creating information products can help you gain exposure to […]

10 Ways for Creatives to Reduce Procrastination Without Planning

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Procrastination, whether lacking in energy to finish a project, or being distracted by email, is stopping us from working effectively on our creations and projects and is taking valuable time away from promoting the work we have. Many of us want to cut down on time spent on wasteful activities, and much has been said about how to reduce procrastination. Despite this, many of us still procrastinate! I think a lot of this has to […]

Scott Belsky on Organization, Promotion and Building Respect

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To start Red Lemon Club's new series of interviews with industry professionals and gurus, I'm very excited to invite Scott Belsky, CEO and founder of creative network and company Behance, for a discussion on the creative industry. Scott, who has been focused on working to understand how creatives can best organize themselves and their projects since the start of Behance, provides some fascinating insight into the origins of Behance and shares with us some useful […]

How to Get More Referrals So You Get More Work

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The key to self promotion, and ultimately getting more work as a creative, lies in getting plenty of referrals. A referral is when your services are advertised for you through word of mouth through other people. For example, someone might have stumbled on your online portfolio, seen the quality and the professionalism behind your work and told a friend they knew who subsequently hired you. In the business world, 80% of companies get 70% of […]