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11 Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself Right Now

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/ November 22, 2016

21 of My Favourite Motivating Ideas That Will Make you a Better Entrepreneur

As I progress on my adventure as a solo entrepreneur with a love for learning, I like to keep note of some of the ideas from great authors who motivate me to keep going. The following contains 21 of my...

/ February 17, 2016

50 Ways for Creative People to Get Great Clients

What’s the best way you can generate new client projects each month? At Red Lemon Club, we are all about simplicity and being direct when it comes to getting things done. This includes the process of winning new projects with...

/ August 27, 2014

Three things you need to know if you want to earn a living with your skills

Lots of us want to run a business. Lots of us dream of doing our own thing, doing what we love to do, and making money from it. Lots of us dream of being self-reliant. Some of you may want to create...

/ June 13, 2014

12 Ways to Amp Up Your Creative Career by Doing Less

There is no doubt that as a wider society, we are putting more emphasis on more than ever before. We want to achieve more and take on more things, have more, live more and see more. The diminishing of real threats...

/ October 28, 2013

How to Quickly UnBlock Creative Block: A Visual Guide

Stuck? This Red Lemon Club quick graphic will show you some tips to get your creative brain thinking again, fast. Read more on 'How to Unblock Creative Block'

/ May 23, 2013

14 Things You Can Do Right Away to Have More People Buy Your Creative Products

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/ May 8, 2013

Ignorance and Self-Loathing: the Two Most Important Hurdles to Progress and Success

This is a fairly bold statement, sales though it has not been made without some thought on my part. I honestly think these two concepts, if addressed, can lead to a big reduction, if not complete obliteration, of various or...

/ November 8, 2012