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Over 65 Ways to Make Money From Your Creative Skills

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I’ve spent most of my life devising wacky and occasionally reasonable schemes for making money. As an artist with an interest in business, I’ve often found myself wedged between the two seemingly alien worlds. Earning money from creative expression has always been a contentious issue because many think that money impinges on the integrity of the creative work. Read More

Why My Weekly Checklist is the Best Thing for My Productivity

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As an INFJ who is very much ‘feelings’ driven, I have always found it hard to get into a routine and stay organised and disciplined. I usually go do whatever I feel excited about doing over the course of the day, so productivity is usually not a problem, but staying focused on what is important is. Because of this, a lot of my productivity can get wasted. Too much energy goes into procrastination and Twitter. […]

The Best Way to Contact People for Generating New Paid Work

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I regularly emphasise that the best thing you can do for your freelance business (or any business, really) is to regularly connect with relevant people. The more of this you do, the more you are ‘front of mind’ and in the thoughts of your prospects and people important to you. This is where a lot of your opportunities for work and projects will come from. These people can include prospective clients, but they can, and should, […]

Notes on How to Price Your Work Like a Hero

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I often get asked about how to best price one’s freelance work when working with clients. How much should you charge? Where do you start? How do you charge at a level that means you keep a client interested, maximise the amount of money you get for your planned (or finished) work, while retaining your self-respect? [For SoundCloud audio of this post scroll to the bottom and listen.] Read More

Why ‘doing your best’ may not be the best career path

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I recently read in the enlightening book by Gary Keller, 'The One Thing', that there are two ways people approach developing a skill in something. The first is an ‘entrepreneurial’ approach, in which you do something to the best of your ability. An example of this would be an illustrator who takes up illustration part-time to have a go at making an income doing something they’ve always loved to do, and they try their best […]

How to Get Illustration Clients Course for Illustrators Launches

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9 years in the making, I finally bring to you 'How to Get Illustration Clients'. This course comes in response to my own frustrations and failures, as well as the feedback I get from all of you regularly about struggling to bring in client work consistently, and even knowing where to start. The course does exactly what it says on the box. Build your business and work on projects you care about this year if you're […]