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Strip Before You Stop

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Motivation / Productivity / Taking Action

You’ve got this thing you’re working on. That thing you really should do every day for maximum effect. That thing you talk about a lot. Writing blog posts; taking pictures; making art; practicing an instrument; contacting new people; reading books; learning languages and shooting videos. But little materializes, if at all. You love the idea of it, and you think about it all the time. You know you have the talent to create great things, […]

How to make your brand more credible to attract bigger clients

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Brand You / Remarkability / Selling

If you have a brand, sell products, or provide skilled services, on top of an outstanding product, you need to be believable in order for clients to want to work with you. As someone who has run his own graphic art business over the last eight years with an interest in working with the very best, I’ve taught myself a good deal on this area. You need to be credible. Read More

15 Reasons to Stay Focused on Developing your Craft

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Brand You / Creativity / Motivation / Personal Development / Remarkability

Let’s great straight into this idea of ‘craft’. What is it, and why is it worth pursuing? My own thought on craft is that it is more a honed skill, style or application, than a tangible object. Craft is your technique; your brain’s neural connections, sculpted over hours of practice. Your craft is the way in which you apply paint to a canvas, how you think about a new musical composition or how you structure […]