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Strip Before You Stop

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You’ve got this thing you’re working on. That thing you really should do every day for maximum effect. That thing you talk about a lot. Writing blog posts; taking pictures; making art; practicing an instrument; contacting new people; reading books; learning languages and shooting videos. But little materializes, if at all. You love the idea of it, and you think about it all the time. You know you have the talent to create great things, […]

Why ‘doing your best’ may not be the best career path

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I recently read in the enlightening book by Gary Keller, 'The One Thing', that there are two ways people approach developing a skill in something. The first is an ‘entrepreneurial’ approach, in which you do something to the best of your ability. An example of this would be an illustrator who takes up illustration part-time to have a go at making an income doing something they’ve always loved to do, and they try their best […]

Why No One Likes Your Art: 26 Reasons

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You work hard at creating pieces of art, design, writing, music, song and dance. But do people truly like what you do? If you want to do well, earn and survive in this industry, it’s quite important that at least a few people do. What follows might come as a reminder of your brilliance but it could also be a reality adjustment for some of you. The aim here is to reveal some of the […]

Red Lemon Club Interviews Illustrator Dan Matutina

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I first came across Philippines-based illustrator and designer Dan Matutina’s distinct work many years ago. His hard-edged, original and absorbing creations drew me in, and I featured his earlier stuff on my other site Ape on the Moon. Since then, I’ve worked with Dan on several of my own projects, made good friends, and even chatted over coffee and Char Siu pork with him in Hong Kong. Read More

15 Reasons to Stay Focused on Developing your Craft

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Let’s great straight into this idea of ‘craft’. What is it, and why is it worth pursuing? My own thought on craft is that it is more a honed skill, style or application, than a tangible object. Craft is your technique; your brain’s neural connections, sculpted over hours of practice. Your craft is the way in which you apply paint to a canvas, how you think about a new musical composition or how you structure […]