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Why Creative People Should Bother Adding to the Noise

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I was emailed by a subscriber recently who brought up, in my view, one of the most significant questions that we face as artists and entrepreneurs. All around us we see other great artists; other people starting businesses; people with incredible talent; beautiful products; people making average work; competition, noise. Stuff. Everywhere. People in every corner of the planet are this very second working away at something new to bring into existence. They are adding […]

Create For Yourself, Not for Anyone Else

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One of the most valuable lessons of working as a freelancer over nine years has been the importance of doing work for myself, rather than for others. This sounds selfish, because I suppose it is, and I get that this seems to go against a lot of what I’ve written about before, which it does not. The key thing I want to drive home is that selfishness is the root to selflessness (and great work […]

On the importance of self confidence for meandering art-makers

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Something I’ve experienced personally, as well as a thing that comes up a lot amongst the creatives I’ve talked to over the years is lacking belief in oneself and one’s work. I still suffer from pangs of low self confidence. Sometimes in the past it has been so crippling that I found it hard facing each day. Some days it still happens, but I’ve learned to get on top of it, and see things the way […]

5 Steps To Stop Feeling Like an Imposter

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Editor's note: This is a guest post from bow-tie making entrepreneur and designer Tim Aton, who writes more good stuff, over here. I wonder if you're familiar with the term 'Imposter Syndrome?' It can wreak havoc on any designer’s self esteem. No matter what level you're at, no matter how many clients you have, at some point, every designer has asked the question: “am I the real deal?” or “am I worthy enough to call […]

You failed but you are not a failure

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Many of us have experiences in our past that, for whatever reason, we have felt ashamed, guilty or embarrassed about, that we want to hide from the world and even ourselves. We keep our failures in the shadows. Why do we hide it? Because deep down we believe that whatever mistake we made is something to do with our character or 'personality' (a word I'd like to see banned from the English language). This is […]

26 Tools for Chipping Away at the Fear and Becoming More Socially at Ease

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As people of planet Earth who share an absolute necessity to relate and connect with one another, we see ourselves at an interesting checkpoint in our history. We are, as a whole, less at ease socially than ever before, even with the connective power of the Internet and the relatively advanced state of society in general. Surveys are showing (at least in parts of the world with better access to technology) people having fewer close friends on […]

11 Easy and Efficient Ways to Build Knowledge, Self Teach, and Learn Every Day

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I’m a firm believer in the massive benefits of ongoing self-teaching in contributing to not only increased knowledge as we progress through life, but in self confidence, creativity, improved imagination, memory and, ultimately happiness (or at least a glimpse of it!). Some of the greatest rewards in my life have sprung out of the investments I have made into learning for myself. I’m not talking about school in this sense, though that still had some value, […]