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6 Easy Ways of Using Writing on the Internet to Promote Yourself

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There are so many new ways to promote yourself and your brand on the Internet, some of which involve some form of writing. Below, I've taken all the methods that I've taken from a free ebook I made, to share here in some detail. Before you start anything, it is important, to have a plan in mind as you use these methods. They really don’t have to take that much time and effort, but can […]

The Human Side to Online Self Promotion

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There is no doubt that the internet has developed into an extremely useful tool for the purpose of self-promotion. Particularly with the introduction of social networking, the potential to engage with a range of people in similar industries to yours, not to mention to connect with new clients, has improved the effectiveness of many self-marketing strategies. In response to this, more and more of us are making use of the web's resources to win clients, […]

10 Tips for Improving Your Writing Online

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Promoting yourself online will inevitably require some writing. This might be through the text you use in describing your work on your site, the posts you write on your niche blog, or the articles you write to drive traffic to or improve the search engine ranking of your sites. Here are some tips you should observe in order to deliver better online copy (writing) that will draw readers in and transmit a professional image: 1. […]