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11 Ways I’ve Made Money in the Last 8 Years, From Illustrator to Consultant

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Editor's note: This article refers to earnings that accrued 8 years prior to the date the post was written. You’ll hear me talk a lot about the importance of earning money and driving revenue as a priority over all else. Too many of us scoot around the importance of a strong, humming cash flow, instead placing more emphasis on things like pursuing passion; dreams, and ‘doing what you love’. These are all important, but you will […]

How to Predict What You Will Earn from Your Creative Business Each Month

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Imagine what it would be like if you could predict your income every month. What am I talking about? How could anyone predict their income. Don't be silly. Right? I’m not talking about receiving a paycheque from your employer. I mean being able to know, within a few hundred quid or bucks, what you will earn next month, and eight months from now. Read More

The Only Reason Most Creative Professionals Fail to Build Successful Businesses

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There are many reasons why creative professionals do really well in business. They have an exceptional product. Their skills are refined and glass sharp after years of practice. They’re motivated. They are on top of their finances. They know how to create work that is commercial, and they are great at marketing themselves. (Oh, look, I’ve just discovered that there is no secret to building a successful creative business!). But there is only one reason […]

7 Simple Acts of Daily Self-Discipline that Will Make You a Better Artist / Ninja

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Creativity / Motivation / Productivity / Taking Action

You’ve probably heard it rattled into your brain several times over the last few weeks, even days: if you want to get anywhere in life, take action. And when we’re talking about the projects and businesses we work on, yes, taking action trumps all the planning and learning, fidgeting and worrying you will ever do. Art will not materialise, life will not get organised, connections will not be made, if you are not taking conscious […]

11 Things Most Other People Never Do that You Can Do to Win Amazing Clients

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Do you do what everyone else does? With so many products and services flying around out there, you’d do well to stand out to attract the fans and buyers who need you. People are responding to this with various forms of self promotion and getting the word out there. The trouble is, most people are either simply not doing enough, or they resort to being grotesque (any pop ‘stars’ come to mind?), or they’re doing […]

Slurping Noodles, 15 Earthquakes and Drawing Pictures: My 9 Months as a Freelance Illustrator in Tokyo

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In the middle of March 2012 I headed out solo to live in Tokyo for 9 months for no other real reason than adventure. Having now returned, I wanted to share my story and some of the things I learnt as an independent freelancer when I was there... It was a fresh, drizzly January evening in East London when I made the decision to return to Japan for a longer stint as soon as I […]

Poor Clients: Who They Are, Why We Work for Them and How to Work with the Best People

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As creative people, purchase unless we are producing things for no financial reward, medical and especially those of us who work on an independent basis, attracting and winning clients and customers is effectively the most important aspect of the package of work we do (beyond the creative work itself). Having seen responses to various questions from hundreds of you, it is obvious that problems with clients rank high on the list of frustrations for creative […]

‘Promo 3.0: Promote Your Art, Without the Selling’, New ebook from Red Lemon Club

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Good news. I finished another book! I'm pretty excited about this one, with it being my mission to get this in front of as many people as possible, with your help. I really do believe this one will improve our working lives and make change. The way work and products are promoted is changing, and it's important that those of us with cool things to share know what is important as things shift. Read More