Tweet for 60 Days of Free Advertising!

Tweet for 60 Days of Free Advertising!

February 2, 2012 by

*Winners Announced!*

Congratulations to 5 winners of the 60-days of free advertising, who tweeted and have now been chosen. You all receive 60 days of advertising on Red Lemon Club, Ape on the Moon and the RLC newsletter:

1. Matt Witt (@Goodsgnr)

2. Clemence Ferry (@ClemiFerry)

3. Tim Van Den Broeck (@Timvdb)

4. Charlee Sully (@theusualstudio)

5. Davor Bakara (@davorBakara)

I will contact you all and arrange for your promotion to start :).

February is upon us, which, in my books, is the best time to flap your wings and tweet like there’s no tomorrow. Well it is when there’s a nice prize available for a few of you who are willing to tweet with me.

My course for freelancers on using Google+ to win clients proudly launches on 7th February. To help me get the word out, I need some help from you guys.

For some of you who can help with a tweet or two on Twitter, I am giving away 5 free 60-day visible advertising spots right here on Red Lemon Club, as well as Ape on the Moon (100,000+ visits per month combined) and the RLC newsletter (4700+ subscribers). That’s worth $200 each! So you get plenty of promotion.

On top of that, I’ll send you a free copy of my new ebook5 Steps to a Solid Twitter Network‘ worth $27, which shows you exactly how to build up a large and targeted network on Twitter.

These ads will be pushed up to the top so they’re nice and visible. I can personally help with banner design if you need it.

Just copy the following tweet into your Twitter ‘What’s Happening’ box for a chance to win:

Get ready for NEW e-course for freelancers from @redlemonclub on using Google+ to win great clients. Learn more:

Winners for the ad spots are announced here, on Sunday evening 5th February.

Best of luck!

About the Author: Alex Mathers

Alex is a project starter, sometimes finisher, writer and illustrator. He started Red Lemon Club in 2009 with the aim of helping talented creative people leave their mark.

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