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  • Merry Stuber

    Very helpful post! Love in the infographics;)

  • Joseph D Rodriguez

    Excellent infographic, Alex. Great tips! I would add that you must also love what you are creating.

  • Cheryl

    Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Alex Mathers

    You got that right, Joseph!

  • Alex Mathers


  • Alex Mathers

    Thanks Merry!

  • Noura

    Wonderful. Very simple, clear and to the point. Thank you!

  • Beto Garza

    Great post Alex, also your works are awesome. So as you say you recommend to have different portfolios if you have more than one illustration Style, i have a geometric vector style and also another more organic with inks and of course some often experiment with pencils etc., what would you recommend me ? here are some of my links.

    Saludos from Mexico ! !

    (sorry if my english isn’t the best)

  • hartoworld

    Always on the lookout for ways to promote my stuff – some great tips here and all over the site. Keep up the great work :-)

  • Alex Mathers

    thank you! Keep reading :)

  • Udara

    Thanks Alex. Would you mind helping me out here. I started a Web Design business, could you elaborate more on number 3, it’s distinct and how I can make my work different from others and for a service like this, how I can use packing tactics? Thanks a lot. Its a great article.

  • Alex Mathers

    Thanks Udara – I’ll be sharing more about that in coming articles…

  • Nik Levantis

    Interestingly “packaging” has a lot to do with communication. If you cannot present yourself and your “products” successfully, sure you will have problems attracting a greater audience and spreading the word. Great post!