Red Lemon Club Motivation Tip #8 Swim Laps Under Water

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Creativity / Idea Generation / Motivation / Productivity

It’s so easy to forget about how easy it can be to strengthen the most important organ of our bodies: our brains. Getting oxygen to it can increase your mental and creative power by 20% or more.

Go a step further than taking deep breaths, by actually strengthening and increasing the capacity of your lungs, which will in turn positively affect your breathing, increase oxygen levels, and ultimately your brain power.

Swimming laps under water will do this, as will running, playing sports and regular deep breathing exercises. If you ever wanted a way to noticeably increase your creativity and intelligence, this is it.

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Alex is a project starter, sometimes finisher, writer and illustrator. He started Red Lemon Club in 2009 with the aim of helping talented creative people leave their mark.

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